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They have not scratched the surface of what was going on in NXIVM.

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Not to mention that NXIVM is probably just a cell in a larger thing.

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Probably a feeder cult. These losers are not even 1/10th what Epstein ran.

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Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

Who really is giving orders? Who is at the top? What is this stupid cult a part of?

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I agree

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Exactly. What has been reported is the tip of an enormous, evil, powerful iceberg. Wow! Just noticed author us “Oxenberg” — iceberg. She is not just Hollywood connected, she is royalty elite (mother is a princess). This book, sensationalistic as it may seem, is very brave. A mother’s love. I read that India still spurns her mother. Let’s hope there will be healing for them (abd all the others NXIVM brainwashed) soon.

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Let’s hope there will be healing for them (abd all the others NXIVM brainwashed) soon.

I do hope that. But it's ultimately ironic that the person who loves India and saved her from an alleged pedo/rapist is the one she turns her back on. It's what these monsters do. Find that weak point and twist your mind until you push away true love and crave evil.

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I'd bet NXIVM is one of a 1000 in the US.

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I will not take that bet because you're undoubtedly right.

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Imagine what they think of the people who buy into the moral crises they fabricate. While I blackmail and rape women and kidnap their children, you sheep should argue about whether or not a baker is allowed to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake.

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using terms from scientology. Imagine that

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Yeah, the term suppressive and the idea that obligations persist forever through future incarnations.

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https://archive.fo/pnbKo :

How I Found My Brainwashed Daughter in the Sex Cult NXIVM

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I can only imagine what other horrors went on/are going on in this cult (and other ones that people are involved with). Thanks for sharing OP. <3

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NXIVM is full of sick and disgusting practices. Watch the documentaries about that cult on 20/20.

They have sex with a wide range of animals from cats to donkeys. And none of the women were allowed to trim or shave their pubes (Keith's preference). The women in this cult were not allowed to have sexual relations with anyone except for keith...

The more you dig into NXIVM, the worse it gets.

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Well, up until the 21st century, pubic hair was considered 'natural'.

I'll look for that 2020. Cats, indeed? Unless it was intracrural, KR must have a tiny member.

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The one thing Keith could be considered normal for IMO. Pubic hair preference.