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Great information, thank you for posting that.

A little more on Jeremy Hunt's "coincidental" pedophilia connections, from a thread I made:

Newly Chosen UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt Potential POI?: Worked with Orphan Rapist / BA Pilot Simon Wood at Nyumbani; Was Funded by Groucho Club Chairman; Led Jimmy Savile Investigations


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Adding to my comment above:

Not directly pedophilia related, but very strange:

(2017) Jeremy Hunt 'asked FGM survivor if she could still have orgasms.' The Department of Health has declined to comment

[Anti-FGM campaigner Nimco Ali] said: "So I got an email to say ‘will you come in and speak to the Secretary of State [for Health, Jeremy Hunt] and I said ‘yes’ because we need data and the NHS is, like, right at the forefront.

After waiting in his office, Ms Nimco said he walked in "rolling up his sleeve, and said he just did a night shift for the hospital."

Then she said he asked: "What I really want to know Nimco, is, can girls like you have an orgasm?"


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https://archive.fo/XrqsC :

BF on Twitter: "1/15 @Jeremy_Hunt Tory MP Who is his wife? [45 Dean Street] Linked to what? Every room had cameras. Who was recording? Background? Secret Payments from who? Amount? Relevance? #Establishmentpedo #PedoGateGlobal #MBGA #BringingDownTheHouse #BritishFight #QAnon #MAGA… t.co/z7vAY6gaWh"

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=R-osofNKORI :

Elite Abuse Ring on Private Network Exposed: The Groucho Club - YouTube

https://archive.fo/o94Tm :

Groucho Club manager, 43, quits his job at trendy Soho private club | Daily Mail Online

https://archive.fo/D337q :

Stars attend Groucho Club manager Bernie Katz's funeral | Daily Mail Online

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Please go back to using hooktube >_<


Elite Abuse Ring on Private Network Exposed: The Groucho Club

Published by WeAreChange on Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:34:31 GMT

In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews journalist and filmmaker Tyrone D Murphy in London England about the infamous Groucho Club.


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Hooktube received a legal threat from google and had their api access suspended so now all the site does is directly embed the youtube video.

Might as well just be linking youtube directly at this point.


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This is horrific. That duck with a kid on its back. Duck could be another code word. A waddling child? Sick https://www.thegrouchoclub.com/news/new-york-registration/ Found this on their site...they are opening a club in New York!!!


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