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When George calls JA a good CIA man, he's saying, James Alefantis is a CIA man. He is not a pizzeria owner. He's doing his job and he does it well. It was not a compliment. He wasn't minimizing James Alefantis's role, in fact, he at one point claimed that he thought it was possible CPP's basement was used as an operating theater for organ recovery and harvesting. Everyone here knows JA is evil, a Satanist, a breeder, Caris James is his daughter, the MILF mom likes Scott Cummings but will loan out Caris James to daddy for trips overseas. It's all as screwed up as it could possibly be but the main reason he never goes down is because he is CIA, and a Rothschild, and he is too big to fall. Think logically.

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I went through the instagram posts with a fine toothed comb. The basic reasons are: Because of her middle name being James, he was there at the birth, because she looks like him, because he called her mom a "MILF," and because when you compare the tool online at "Morph thing" with Scott Cummings and Cory Woolman, their offspring looks like the older child Cory Woolman has (Mae), and when you do a morph thing tool of James and Cory, it looks like Caris. Here: I made an Imgur album. You can try the morph thing tool yourself if you want.

And the fact that James's mother is holding her in a photo op, looking like a proud grandma, and because she goes on a trip with James to Europe, seemingly alone with him. I don't send my kids off with a godfather for overseas trips, do you? Satanists often breed together even if they're not together, & that mom would want her daughter to be born into the Rothschild blood line, for future security. Also, contrary to what most people think, a gay Satanist WILL sleep with a woman, for breeding purposes. James Alefantis is not all he seems.

edit: here's a pic:


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Is Caris that little girl with the black and white polka dot dress holding an "orange" in a picture? That little brown headed girl? If so, I think that is Alefantis daughter. The polka dots are same as the coat of arms of "the house of orange" and she is shown "holding an orange" and James said that baby will never be "in a basket."


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