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Oh my ! What a vindication! Happy tears over here! 😊 I just made my family listen to this and told them how you took a personal interest in this woman and offered her great support and now she is finally vindicated ❤️ And how these past 2 years have been worth all the pain and tears to be able to help ( wether it’s just listening or otherwise ) ones like her . Hugs to you and Judith !

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I am tearing up. Yes, I am so proud of her. There is more to come I hope. But he has been named on other sites and in the Report as well. I want him taken down. Thanks for Sharing with your Family. The more SRA is shared the more we win in tearing down their propaganda against it. He not only raped her as a child, but came back decades later and did it again, just to let her know who he is. Did that stop her? NO. It only Emboldened Her. She is My Inspiration. tears <3

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Let it be known, that supporters of the vatican and jorge bergoglio have already down voated this post. As expected.

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I dont understand why more Catholics are not demanding charges be made to Police

when people put themselves above mans law, and religious leaders interprets Gods law to suit themselves, how is it that people can even look up to them

How many priests have been able to abuse more children after getting busted abusing before?

and the amount of these Priests are quite alarming

now the Vatican is trying to pull away from the responsibility of these priests

Judith and others like her are hero's in my book

to continually fight this injustice, so others do not suffer should be applauded

and yet the good ones let them get away with it

bad times are upon us, never realized just how bad the brainwashing has taken over everything

cried yesterday and crying again today

Think its time Gods people rise up for God's laws

had 3 yrs with the Bible has a class

never thought God's word could get so lost

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"How many priests have been able to abuse more children after getting busted abusing before?and the amount of these Priests are quite alarming". Here is part of the problem. They don't question because of blind faith. Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States. Click a state on the map to view a list of dioceses in that state. Then click on the name of a diocese to view our current list of accused priests who worked in the diocese. Search domain www.bishop-accountability.orgbishop-accountability.org/priestdb/PriestDBbydiocese.ht

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I too have cried. Cried for sorrow and Cried for happiness for Judith. I wrote in one of my comments that the day The Report was released God had tears rolling down his face. Well, he also had Tears of Joy for Judith yesterday. He was happy for her too. As far as people not coming out to the police and pressing charges. First of all they have to overcome the shame and then they have to know that the police many times protect the priests. It comes from High Level Orders. This news has been passed from one Victim to another. There almost has to be a Class Action Lawsuit against the priest. That is very hard to achieve. The Church knows this. But i believe that things are turning and will keep turning. We have to keep posting and spreading this to our friends and relatives. I have sent The Report and articles to many. I only received one answer but I know the others will read it. Remember how painful it will be for others to read it. It's hard for us and we read it everyday.

Yes, Judith is A Hero. She is My Inspiration.

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I just read through her other voat post. WOW. Blown away by the level of depravity and sickness these people have in their heads to commit such horrible acts upon children and others. Beyond sad but also infuriating and maddening. If only the world really truly knew about this we could all go into these places and these tunnels and bury them and destroy what these people have built out of their evil. Do I believe her testimony and account of what happened? Absolutely 110% I do. I’ve heard things from others along the same lines. These purps cannot be rehabilitated they are too far gone. I wish we could build centres for survivors for free counseling, help, guidance and give them a place to feel vindicated. Thank you @StcharlesSeminary for your bravery and for sharing your story. You are a light in this darkness and we need you. Please take care of yourself you are worth every inch of this fight. We honor you and every other victim of this atrocity. @carmecita thank you for always being an empathetic shoulder for others and for getting these stories out there. Your posts are always valued.

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I couldn't have said it better. May God bless you and strengthen you and cause your light of Truth to shine on many, Judith.

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tears I am sharing this post with her and your comment. Thank You.

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Joy for those victims whose painful stories of abuse have been vindicated. Sorrow, too, as we come to the realization that we have fewer and fewer spiritual institutions to combat Islamic terrorism and the growing epidemic of Satanists.

Evil not only took over the Vatican and its priests and bishops, it celebrated with the serpentine/reptilian design of the Grand Audience Hall at the Vatican constructed in the 1970s. There are many videos available describing this evil monstrosity. The only thing lacking in that building is a placard proclaiming "Hail to Satan" . Should you have Catholic friends or family that persist in defending the Church, show them a video and ask them to justify this House of Horror.

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Oh it is only the older ones and I will not disturb their thoughts. They are late 80 & 90. There is no point to upset their last years. It is the younger ones that worry me for I am in their corner on staying away from church, but not away from God. They are doing both. Very sad. I hear talk from friends about their kids and they are upset. They will win if we cast God aside.

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Thanks for this, Carmencita. I hope Judith is doing alright. It must be devastating dredging this all up. I hope the path leads to Rome and Bergoglio.

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Knowing her now, as I do, I think it is more exhilarating than the other. Although yes, it does dredge up very bad memories but that can happen at any moment. This is Validation for her and hopefully leads to Justice. She is doing fine and thanks everyone for their prayers. She says she will never will enter a Catholic Church again, but she has not abandoned God. People should understand that. I too have not donated or attended Church for many years but too continue to pray.

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I'm so glad to hear she's doing okay. I think of her often.