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That's great news, Carm! :-) But reading the article above made me cringe. He is still working as a priest? The Vatican 'cleared' him of allegations in 2014? (Well, then he must be innocent for sure.... /s).

What is so unsettling about this report is that - as far as I know - it is the first time people really did an indepth investigation, based on documents found in Church archives. (!) Meaning, if they would do this for every other diocese out there, there would likely be similar results.

All the abuse reports in the past have only been the tip of the iceberg.

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The Pennsylvania AG Shapio mentioned that there are still secret archives that Cardinal Wuerl is hiding.

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Yes, this is what worries her, he is still free to visit his horrid crimes on other children. He is free and untouched because he heads the Papal Foundation. There has to be a Huge Outcry and Demand for his take down. He will never be defrocked. That is for sure.

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Well, I hope there will be a huge outcry.

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That is kind of exciting since we got the first hand account from one of his victims a good while back. :)

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I talked to her and she said it was a release. But also the whole report with redactions, I am sure that is upsetting. OOH a downvoat. They are out this late? Evil Works never take a holiday. Have an Upvoat!

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OOH a downvoat.

Thats just my fan club. When I talk bad about God Q they follow me around and down vote no matter what the topic is.

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This is great news, and I hope Judith can feel some vindication and peace, even though the worst of Benestad's crimes have yet to be revealed, according to her former allegations. This is a tremendous step forward, and my thoughts and prayers are with her. Must be very emotionally wrenching to go through this.

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Yes, somewhat Bittersweet. Jubilation on one side while still there is a piece missing. I heard they are suppose to vote on changing the laws. Hopefully it will pass. I presume there will a lot of money changing hands. They also might make it easier for older victims to bring charges. Prayers Please, Everyone.

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Praying here for all the survivors.

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“Officials in Rome … adjudicated Monsignor Benestad’s case” and found there was no reason to place any restrictions on his ministry, Waldron wrote.

And there it is--the root of the evil: "Officials in Rome" see nothing wrong with this type of behavior.

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And why should they when they are guilty of the same things. These people never see wrong when they agree that children are consenting to their raping and abuse. They first of all must Groom Themselves into believing it, that's how they are so good at Grooming others. We find many times there are these statements from clergy and those in the Vatican. No reason for restrictions, after he raped a 9 yr old girl and committed a Ritualistic Act on a boy. Really, I know how they are and it still Boggles the Mind.

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Benestad began molesting her when she was 9 years old and the abuse continued until she was in her 40s, she said.

Uh...what? Is this a typo?

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Surprisingly, it's not uncommon from what I've read. I was unable to find statistics (for what those are worth,) but here's a case that recently came to light:


She later claimed he had sexually abused her for more than 40 years, since she was five, and had used her like a “sex slave”.

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No, no typo. He returned many years later and raped her. Writing that again is painful. It is horrible what he visited upon her.

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Because of the great degree of fear and intimidation, it sounds perfectly plausible. Poor Judith. May God grant her healing and peace. I can't begin to imagine what she's suffered.

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That is horrible. :-(

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Wow carmencita, thanks for sharing this! This is big for her, and she is very brave for putting herself out there to expose the truth!

It's been so nice to see how much of a support and friend you have been to @stcharlesseminary here. I'm sure that has been really helpful to her 💜

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I am so very lucky to have her friendship. She has been a Guiding Light. She is an Angel and My Inspiration. I don't know how she does it. I am sure she is a thorn in his side. But then he is backed by the Vatican. Yes, she should get a Medal for Bravery.

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I posted something on the revelations about Msgr. Benestad yesterday, with some info on his connection to the Papal Foundation, for whatever it's worth: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2674239

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TY. I will take a look.

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Wow this has been a long time coming ! I’m so happy she was able to blast his name for all to see !! This must be such a relief for you too ! All the long hard hours you put into this story . Finally !!

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It is a relief for me too, yes. Because I know how much it meant to her. It's not over for her. I know that she wants to get rid of the statute of limitations for Victims and would like for Benestad to be kept away from children, whatever that may entail. He is a vile SRA Rapist. If you read the article, you know that they called the washing of the mouth by holy water Ritualistic Abuse. Actually that is one of his milder torturous acts upon children. I am sure he would say that the boy deserved it, for he didn't fight hard enough to resist. Sick Sick Sick

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Carmencita, do you think the horrific events @stcharlesseminary related a few months ago will someday be brought to light?

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