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Thanks for posting this, Shizy. :-) I'm giving this the "Confirmed" flair, since "Debunked" would be confusing with your headline.

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Thank you! And if anyone else can dig up anything more or anything different that would be great!

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Thanks for clarifying, @Shizy! :-)

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Not a problem. We need to be discussing and spreading accurate info.

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https://snew.github.io/r/greatawakening/comments/9700xv/james_porter_and_nicole_pham_who_lives_and/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=comment_list :

James Porter (and Nicole Pham), who lives and currently owns the house at the tip of Ketron Island where the plane went down also was ex-deputy clerk of Pierce County and was arrested for sex with underage females… : greatawakening

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⧫ J.C. Morris, an entrepreneur from Anchorage, Alaska, bought the island in 1946. He wanted to build 200 homes on the island but was thwarted by the high cost of installing sewer lines. Morris’ mansion, built in the 1960s, was designed in a style that borrowed from architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Marion Chenaur and her husband bought the mansion in 1990. She sold the property in 2015 to Nicole Pham and her husband Jim Porter, who were restaurateurs in Thurston County, Washington.

Wasn't there a link to Alaska regarding the pilot of the plane? Could there be a connection?

3.) He was born in Key West, Florida and grew up in Alaska. He moved to Alaska when he was seven years old, according to one of his blog posts. During his time most recently in the Seattle area, Richard was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Washington State University.

Just speculating. This Morris guy that bought the Island came from Alaska so did the pilot. Somehow did Russell make it to that island and something bad happened to him there? May or may not be connected, but he said some really strange things when he was up in the air.

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I am going to add this because it was at the end of the article. Mighty interesting.

“Ted Bundy had a mental illness. Osama bin Laden had a mental illness,” Gee added. “Osama bin Laden’s mom did an interview recently and said he was a good kid who got brainwashed … they talked about how good of a person he was and then got that way. We’ve been watching John Moffitt, former Seahawk who’s on social media right now with all that sexist stuff he’s saying. I know John Moffitt; he didn’t use to be that way. Something has snapped in him.”

BRAINWASHED? Holy Moly. Snapped. Whatever. Something made him go to THAT Island. But Why THAT Island.