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Carmen I was thinking about secret code/word/pics etc., and wondered if, when THanks posts a shoe it means a specific 'meeting' is going to take place, or when a glove, it is a different 'meeting' with a different subject (boy/girl/age/sex/murder and thus when its a glove and a shoe its a specific things combined. (also the location of the items could be where the meeting is etc, like on the railway line, or by a road etc. Just need to know what a shoe, a glove means to these sick people. Was just a thought. Would be interesting to see if the pics hes posted are around certain rituals on their calendar. @srayzie @Honeybee_ @Cc1914 @think- any suggestions?

[–] carmencita 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

No ideas as to where, but that is a Sure Fire idea. We know they have sent out messages through movies and music for decades, so why not on Soc. Media now. Also, they are as sick as it gets, so yes this is highly possible. There are probably certain places others know about, like a place that is by the railroad, maybe a certain restaurant and the road may be a certain hotel. When he posts those then they know where to meet. Also maybe a shoe on a boat, etc. I am getting sick again.

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Awww sorry to keep pinging you, but you seem very knowledgeable and if just one thing sparks or clicks it might be the bolt holding the stable door closed. x We are all feeling sick about this.

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Interesting, Trisha, hadn't thought of that.

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Was just that a 'mega-star' is posting such unusually strange things as discarded shoes and gloves and soooooo many of them! It has to be a code/signal to these symbolism obsessed pedos (aledgedly .... got to cover my comments to be politically correct haha)