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This, along with Jem777 and a German gent by the name of Marcus W is the 3rd such case of a researcher/investigator looking into elite child sex abuse dying in suspicious circumstances within a short space of time. Please look after yourselves and may God bless and keep you all. RIP Mr. Minnie.


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melenium falcon an ex mod admin of the pizzgate sub deleted a shit ton of posts about S.Africa, Africa and the connections to global elites


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Is this true?


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I remember him. Hope he's dead.


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Islands. Ketron and Bird Island. The Magic Word?


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Carmen I was thinking about secret code/word/pics etc., and wondered if, when THanks posts a shoe it means a specific 'meeting' is going to take place, or when a glove, it is a different 'meeting' with a different subject (boy/girl/age/sex/murder and thus when its a glove and a shoe its a specific things combined. (also the location of the items could be where the meeting is etc, like on the railway line, or by a road etc. Just need to know what a shoe, a glove means to these sick people. Was just a thought. Would be interesting to see if the pics hes posted are around certain rituals on their calendar. @srayzie @Honeybee_ @Cc1914 @think- any suggestions?