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This, along with Jem777 and a German gent by the name of Marcus W is the 3rd such case of a researcher/investigator looking into elite child sex abuse dying in suspicious circumstances within a short space of time. Please look after yourselves and may God bless and keep you all. RIP Mr. Minnie.

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melenium falcon an ex mod admin of the pizzgate sub deleted a shit ton of posts about S.Africa, Africa and the connections to global elites

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Is this true?

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Islands. Ketron and Bird Island. The Magic Word?

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Carmen I was thinking about secret code/word/pics etc., and wondered if, when THanks posts a shoe it means a specific 'meeting' is going to take place, or when a glove, it is a different 'meeting' with a different subject (boy/girl/age/sex/murder and thus when its a glove and a shoe its a specific things combined. (also the location of the items could be where the meeting is etc, like on the railway line, or by a road etc. Just need to know what a shoe, a glove means to these sick people. Was just a thought. Would be interesting to see if the pics hes posted are around certain rituals on their calendar. @srayzie @Honeybee_ @Cc1914 @think- any suggestions?

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Nando's - One of world's largest African fast-food/restaurant chain

Majority of US locations around Beltway area https://www.nandosperiperi.com/eat/restaurants/all

Company called HapstakDemetriou+ designed Tony Podesta's home and the local Nando's, as well as the Cafritz residence (they fund the art gallery)


Nandos Tenleytown (same area as Comet) http://hd-ad.com/case-study/nandos-tenleytown/

Tony Podesta's House made by same people http://hd-ad.com/case-study/art-collectors-home/

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Oprah’s school was in South Africa.

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Oprah’s school was in South Africa.

Yurp, I've brought it up in my own research.

Indeed, Africa/South-Africa is a somewhat repeating element.

Won't bother linking it here because old, but, severely relevant nonetheless.

@ben_matlock @Vindicator

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I remember hearing that, convenient.

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The police are saying there are no suspicious circumstances.

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The police saying that so quickly is literally an actual suspicious circumstance.

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Lived there for 14 years.........yeah I believe exactly what the police spout, a..hem I mean report. NOT!

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Whelp!!! There ya have it!!

Now back to Keeping Up With The Kardashians!!

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Standard Response. We know better. Another Warrior Lost.

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That's changed: the gun found next to him does not belong to him.

The whole thing stinks to me. Minnie wrote about two men who committed suicide because of this scandal in exactly the same fashion as he is supposed to have - I don't buy it.

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Just in time for Russia to vet the innocent whites heading their way!!!

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Hmmm I somehow doubt he committed suicide because suicide is bad for your health