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Found all her threads.

Are We Sure sent death threats to her last year. Looks like that fucker went and carried them out. Anyone in contact with a hacker? Cause its time to retaliate. @karenrussell63 @swordfish69

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I dont think it wise to retaliate. There is alot of viciousness here and all over the Internet that is not a bonafide threat, just ugly manners and poor upbringing. No one should be doxed. Truth Will Out, I honestly believe that. We might have a Seth Rich situation here and we will just have to wait.

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Yes, bot. Now go back to sleep, that's a good boy.

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If they are starting to whack people on a pizzagate forum, you know that we're starting to get to these bastards.

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That is GD irresponsible. Going after some internet troll as a knee jerk reaction isn't the right way, but I don't know what is

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Death threats? Doesn't really sound like his style. Any evidence for this?

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It is not my style and there was no threat. If anyone wants to see the thread or discussion where the mods tell her it was not a threat, you can DM me, it's still up on VOAT, but I won't post it publicly.

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Dear god :( Poor Jem777.... I remember her and stood up for her when she was banned. Did you see what her last comment on here was?

"I have actual documents. When my life is no longer threatened I will produce them. They are in safe places." Jem777 had something. She was banned here and now killed.


The Geroge Webb video on her is here.


Edit: She apparently went to a location Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt talked about to in the real world to investigate. Now that I think about it he disappeared to.


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She had told me she had Dead Man Switches in place. I had not spoken to her in a long time, but she was passionate about her work in DC. She was a gutsy, bad ass. I remember when she was jumped outside her place by four people. They beat her up and they stole her car keys. They started taking her car and she ran back to her car pulled opened the driver’s door pulling the guy out punching him in the face. At that point I thought she was a guy. She was pissed. The cops found her car later that week, if I remember.

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Dead Man Switches?

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He was a regular at glp for years. I can't post there anymore but maybe someone should ask around and see if anyone has heard from him over there. I remember his avatar from years before PG. Odd how something has kept many of us in the same crowd through the years ..

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George Webb is trying to find the documents and papers she had hidden

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Now think Webb is a “limited hangout” Jen made some discoveries

What if ????

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He will She had multiple copies

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Probably Racine, WI

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George Webb is a Mossad assassin imo. I think he kills investigators.

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He is acting in that video, badly.

Who is that guy with them, because to me, they both look guilty as fuck.

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When I first clicked a link there was no description or name of it, so I had no expectations coming into this video, when that other dude finally got there I felt the same way and was like wtf are they talking about this in that way? And wasn't sure if they weren't being real. Weird.

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no they do not

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Out of all the people he's named as conspirators, not a single one of them is a Zionist, said no one ever.

Apparently he stated he was in Mossad early on, then later, he explained that he had said that to get Mossad like people to talk to him. We have no idea who George really is, but he obviously knows a lot about everything and everything he says seems to come true. I have noticed he has certain methods that go way above the average reader and I think he's actually trying to help... I don't believe most of the people who wanna complain about his "Mossad activities" because those people always turn out to be CIA paid operatives and shills. You can tell by their actions.

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Fuck the piece of shit who downvoated everyone here talking about a woman who has died! You're trash!

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this board is loaded with shills from CIA, controlled opposition, hegelian dialectic, assigned roles.

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Wow...I remember her from the early days. This isn't a game.

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OMG. I remember her. She was very involved and had much knowledge. I had no idea she was banned. Whatever for??? RIP, Jem777.

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bc she was posting serious shit the mods wanted banned

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Many blessings for peace for all who lost a dear friend. The world lost a true warrior. Jem was a true Gem. Let's make sure her efforts continue to unravel the web we are all working to bring down.

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alrighty then last night i checked my instagram and there was a disgusting human skull being eaten by a flesh eating disease at the top of my feed and a picture of ethan and hila klein underneath it i posted a pic from 4chan on their twitter after they were banned for interviewing alex jones they are lucifierian child raping pedos and a lot of people would have seen that pic. next minute i have a notification that my apple phone has been hacked from the netherlands. then last night i opened my instagram on my phone to that. i dont follow them so that was planted. if thats jut a taste of the tip of the iceberg when you start to uncover these pedos then its just too terrifying to imagine how people like jem777 were being stalked and harrassed we all put ourselves at risk when we dig for dirt on these people but if you're like me its not voluntary its a compulsion to expose pedophilia at all levels all over the world. you know there were rumours that george was mossad but that was probably a smear campaign during pizzagate. i cant imagine what kind of threats fiona barnett has been receiving since she returned to the arena it breaks my heart that we are all targets for the massive pedo ring that has its grip on the world

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holy fuck dude... haven't been very keen on logging into account/posting here lately - thought maybe I was just being paranoid, but who fucking knows what's really going on

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I personally believe that all PG researchers should own a gun.

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weirdest thing that happened to me about a year or so ago, was I was lazily using my phone and I posted a link (about a (((country))) organ trafficking) then I got a phone call from a weird number i answered it my phone went dead, battery completely gone and so was my credit, weirdly the number was shown and was from somewhere in Turkey. I heard it happened to someone else, but the link between us seemed to be criticism of Israel rather than pedogate directly.

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i have a usb ready now to reload windows on my laptop because somebody is going through it on a regular basis

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