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Very sad news. Rest in peace Jem, you will never be forgotten.

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Omg! That is so sad 😢

I’ve known this whole time that she was Task Force and with George Webb. But I didn’t voice it publicly because she didn’t want everyone to know. She was really active here until she left and joined him.

She was @Jem777 and @mej777

She used to say that she was gang stalked and that she was leaving, and being put in the Witness Protection Program. She left California and joined George Webb and stayed with him until now.

Since she was in the witness protection program, she wouldn’t show her face on video. She always said they were going to come after her. She said her fiancé was murdered 7 years ago. 🙁

Here is her Twitter...

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I remember that you communicated with her and we talked about her, that's sad.

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Given the death threats, Are We Sure is the number one culprit. Anytime he opens his mouth, we should spam him with how we know he did it.

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wow. terrible.

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Thanks for the link srayzie, wonder if there are any leads/clues in her twitter feed? @darkknight111 @carmencita

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I have not been able to find her twitter. Dressage sent me a copy of the one from 8chan but it no longer is listed on the net. There are quite a few JEM

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Jem777 > new4now | Sent: 10 months ago on 10/19/2017 12:39:00 AM


I am whitehat Whistleblower. Been on targeted list for years. Was jumped 8 weeks ago and beaten at my home telling me to keep "fucking mouth shut"

He knows this. It was a direct threat. I have asked for federal protection from Senate, State, Congress. Nothing. Placed DM switches in locations

Is Jem dead? If so she has switches in place

or did she finally get the help she was asking for with white Hats?

I hope they didn't get her

I liked her and learned a lot from her

I'll start digging for post who he is, although I think we know :(

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My gut tells me she isn't dead. My mind, however, is wandering. I learned so much from JEM777, I will miss reading her research dearly. This hit verifies her research, or she was put in witness protection because of her research. We will not forget about her, and I truly hope I'm right.

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just put up a post

thinking its a possiblity

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Oh my Gosh. I can't believe it. Check out her comment history. RIP @Jem777

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Wow this is some serious info that requires much diggings...

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If you mean her comment history, most definitely. She was extremely knowledgeable and valuable to us. MF banned her. If I remember correctly he banned her a couple times in one day and then did the same to me. Digging into her death is another place to dig.

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Check George's twitter. Robin Gritz sent him a text saying that she supposedly died of a massive seizure. If true, then it's entirely possible that there's no foul play. However, I don't believe it for a minute.

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https://searchvoat.co/?t=&s=pizzagate&u=Jem777&d=&df=&dt=&nsfw=off Found all of her submissions.

Looks like Are We Sure went and actually carried out his death threats. The ones in which he posted a headless corpse of a Dahmer victim.

You guys can bet your ass I'm enraged.

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I am shocked and very sad right now 😧😭 These people are SICK! Lord 🙏🏻 PLEASE let this evil be dealt with SOOOON!

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Oh my god how horrible :(

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