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South park made an episode about "Chicken Lover" WAY back in season 2 (1998) and ripped NAMBLA a new one as well.

Since you mentioned Judith Barsi...

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2648592 My investigation into this case. Also came from enty along with Heather O'Rourke. I believe I have found holes in the "murder suicide" narrative. There needs to be A LOT more awareness spread about this case among patriots social media than it gets.

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2632757 My investigation into the Heather O'Rourke case.

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They didn't "rip NAMBLA a new one" - what they did was diffuse it into comedy. That's what these people do - they turn these scandals into comedy so they gain a level of acceptance. Often this is even before the public know about the scandal.

Like a couple of weeks ago, Sacha Baron Cohen was doing a skit with Dick Cheney - this only serves to normalize 9/11. We have to understand that satirists are not on our side, no matter how much they send up the infamous.

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I have a question thats been on my mind. Its about tv and symbolism. In two movies/tv shows I watched "killing of a sacred deer" the girls room has the heart within the heart symbol, a hand print, and small heart stickers(this one might be nothing). In westworld, a huge tv show as we all know, in the last season one of the horses had the spiral symbol on it.

These symbols are popping up a lot. Are they for any purpose outside of pedos taunting us?

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When it comes to symbols, context is everything.

For example, swirls seen in Pacific Islander culture are innocent. The nazi swastica is actually a bastardization of an asian symbol known as a "manji", which represents good luck. The swastica is an inverted manji.

The "pedo" swirl is VERY specific in its design.

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I think I may do a post on symbolism. Just afraid @Vindicator or some other mod is going to give me hell about it not being related to pizzagate when it is.

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That's a brilliant catch! So even using Indiana Jones had a meaning.

This is has got to stop! Somebody has to blow the whistle on these guys ... and the entire sick cabal. This is literally turning my stomach to think of kids being tortured this way, but these pervs are only worried about their own careers and reputations. Well, you know what? It's time you paid for what you did. Lord, I hope someone steps forward ...

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Added this to the OP. Feel it's important. Thanks.

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Brought this up before. Pinball wizard by the Who. The lyrics are not what they seem. That always made me wonder about Peter Townsends allegations.

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Oh, hey! Good point. I think I did run across an article outlining the coded meaning. It was a long time ago, but I might try to find it.


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I think Ron was born into it

its said Comey likes a Howdy Doody look

Comey is 6 yrs older, but being drugged up.....

as a youngster Ron has the look


this one could be Devil Doody


here's Mom and Dad, what is up with the infatuation these people have with a bad eye


here's Demi Moore before she had it fixed


theres more folk with the bad eye

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Thanks for this.

The more I'm thinking about it, the more Deliverance is the perfect vehicle to pinpoint Howard. Been reading, and the old Andy Griffith show was all down home and backwoodsy. It's what the town in the movie was supposed to be, but they got raped. So most likely, Howard is allegedly a victim who grew up to be an alleged predator.

All I know is he sucks as a director, so there had to be something ... someone bolstering his career. And he has that nice guy thing going on. I've given up on using the term "nice pedophile". None of them are nice. There are more violence ones and less violent ones, but they both ruin children's lives. And Comey, I'm still wondering what happened to him that night he was held hostage.

And the eye thing ... have no idea ... none! Tooth pulling is another. Why front teeth missing? They're all so sick. I want them locked up so badly. I want their reputations destroyed by their own evil deeds being exposed, and for America to wake the hell up!!!

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missing front teeth so they cant bite?

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Why was her daughter her favorite mistake? Was it so she could sell her off? Her father always gave me the creeps. RR gives me the creeps. He has a pre-school in Parris Cal. Same town where the Turpin family lived. The number of children attending added up to a -2. Hmm. I did a post on Parris. I could not watch the little vid with Heather OR and the jukebox. I will never be able to unsee it. I had always though that I never saw a SS film until I saw a pic of Heather in Poltergeist. Then it hit me that it was the only film of his I have ever seen. That was a sick moment for me. The movie greatly affected me and now it is even worse, knowing what happened to her. I also read that SS used real cadavers in the pool scene. With people and children in the pool, shooting that scene. Vile. RIP Heather

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Everything is creepy about the Marshall family. She's the most untalented director in the history of film and Ron Howard is right there next to her in the gutter. I avoided both of their work like the plague ... long before pizzagate.

In terms of the cadavers, you are exactly right. I remember hearing about that. The guy must be a monster. RR has to be also. Thanks for the info on Parris. Why doesn't that surprise me? And remember the child actors staying at the Reiner home? Man, must have been fun back then! Just do what you want and no one noticed. The police were obviously looking the other way. And parents ... they were willing to let their kids do anything ... all for a career and money.

It's insane, sickening, and I feel the same way. I can't think about what happened to all those great kids without getting physically ill. It's why I want the stronghold on silence to break wide open. It's also why I'm fuming about these fake Pedo whistleblowers like Isaac Kappy. Let's see ... no evidence ... name proof ... and the clock is just ticking away. All he's doing is RTing articles and collecting names of victims. I can't stand it ... I can't.

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I completely agree. Heather has affected me the most because she is the one that I first found out about, but all the rest, well, RIP to them too. But they deserve so much more. They Deserve Justice and the names of their rapists and sick satanist abusers named in public. Out on the Internet. In Papers, On TV. Everywhere. Finally. Once and For All.

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So if the Indiana Jones character is some twisted inside joke/reference to Anissa Jones, then maybe the South Park episode of Indiana Jones being raped is symbolic of Anissa being raped by these a-holes?

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I think there were multiple meanings. Like using the Jodi Foster film. Jodi Foster film. While it was directed at what happened to Heather O'Rourke, it also included Foster allegedly being molested. The same with Deliverance. ''Deliver'' as in ''Delivery''? I'm sure thee's a reference there, but also there's Ron Howard and the red-haired banjo player in Deliverance. The backwoodsy feel. I'm sure it has something to do with being raped in those woods so was there something going on in the set used? Or were they referring to camping? Or somewhere in the woods?

And you're, unfortunately, right. Most likely that little girl Anissa was also molested by someone. It's so disgusting.

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It's just sad that they keep getting away with this and kids keep getting victimized!

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=YVCIoNXNYSU :

Happy Days Hello, Pfister#3 - YouTube

https://archive.fo/jnsJ5 :

Penny Marshall’s Favorite Mistake: Getting Pregnant at 19

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Two questions: What's the date of the South Park episode? When did the O'Rourke rape theory first start making the rounds? Was Enty the first person to put this forward?

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It is the season 12 episode "The China Problem".

Dated summer 2008.

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When did the rumors first start?

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The first is easier to answer:


Episode aired 8 October 2008

The second is difficult to answer. In terms of enty it's this:


Thursday, November 09, 2017 Today's Blind Items - Molesters Killed Her

Enty on CDAN was the first that I heard espouse this gang rape theory. However, I had read that her death was suspicious, but there was no pizzagate and I never even thought something that bizarre could ever happen to a child. So given that Parker and Stone were hinting at this in 2008, I'd say they were the first ones to advance the theory. She died in 1988 so it was twenty years after the fact. And I'd say Parker and Stone are the real ones that know things. How? Have no idea! But look at all the stuff they broke ... so all I can say is that enty was the first I heard talking about her death being attributable to molestation, but since SP predates that by nine years, SP gets the credit for breaking that story. Maybe it's where enty got the idea.

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That's kind of amazing. I've never watched SP. I'm assuming they are not good guys trying out SS.

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I was researching Heather at the end of 2017 and came across a forum discussing her death in 2006.


The board is based on a "conspiracy theory" that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by the current Sir Paul, who in these circles is called Faul.

I did some investigating into this and got deeper and deeper into it as 2017 progressed. What I have discovered is that the real Beatles were all killed in late June 1964 on the New Zealand leg of the world tour - the replacements (who had been doubling as The Beatles since at least October 1963) then returned to the UK to take their place.

This event is relevant to this topic because Ron Howard made Eight Days A Week - a documentary which bridged the time of the replacement. It is also pizzagate related because it is perhaps Jimmy Savile's greatest crime he was involved in.