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The stuff about Heather O'Rourke from a medical perspective does check out. Done my own independant investigation into these events.

I'll have to find the medic account that says Heather having congenital (birth defect) stenosis is bull shit. Note that her symptoms didn't happen until 1987, about two months AFTER the date of the incident mentioned in the blind (which I identified as 11/7/1986).

The most likely locals for the incidents are steaming full of pedowood victims/suspects.

Wesley Staples seems to be a major common thread with a lot of victims around the 70s-80s, meaning he's either a wtiness or a culprit.

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Heather O'Rourke I'm unsure about. What calls the story into question is the fact that the NXIVM story was circulated with impunity. No one checked the dates and yet it was taken as a given. That's what bothers me. That enty is completely given a pass when the instances I cited are absolutely incorrect. And at least two are proven incorrect. And as for the medical perspective, those symptoms fit many illnesses. And congenital does not necessarily mean that the symptoms show up at birth. As you well know, it means that the individual is born with a defect that may show up and afflict normal bodily functioning later on in life. So because she didn't exhibit symptoms earlier really does not mean a damn thing. It neither proves or disproves anything.

In the case of those ridiculous tapes that were alleged to be ''jaw dropping'', thanks to this jackass enty, the story has been out there for months. And because of his the validity accorded him, the story was circulated the same way NXIVM's was and the same way O'Rourke's was. And since you are more than valid, do you actually believe the blind about Assange and Soros? I would find it difficult that you would. And what about Henry Winkler? Do you actually believe that garbage also? Henry Winkler has been more than a common thread also. He just magically appears on sets where there was suspected molestation, but nope! He's clean because enty says so!

Thanks for the reply and your good work here.

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Winkler is a VERY likey suspect in terms of the "other show" (have deduced this to be Happy Days) in regards to the O'Rourke case.

In regards to NXIVM, my theory is that the Bronfman NXIVM connections occured BEFORE Sara joined the cult. Likely how NXIVM sex trafficking ops are done. The Bronfmans are a known mafia family financially joined at the hip to the Rothschilds, and a BIG one.

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Then what good is it?

VOAT members have practically all been quoting the Heather O'Rourke story as if it's factual. And why do reveals? So he's making things up, and then revealing names that aren't accurate? That would not prevent a lawsuit.

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I think the reveals are accurate or else he risks being sued. If his reveals aren't true, why hasn't anyone sued him so far?

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you do make a point

We know many in the entertainment industry is part of the Cabal, or whatever you want to call it

Enty cant know what everyone is into these days

Does he do research before he posts?

his reveals and media news seem to strengthen his posts, but agree caution should be used and research should be done

darknight111 did do A LOT of research, so in regards to Heather, its not just CDAN blind

as with all the things we read caution and backup with research should be used

My Mother used to read like the Enquirer or Star rags

considering the articles they put out, they didn't get sued as much as one would think, also there was you read it here first

Entertainment gossip been going on for a long time

Heda Hopper, Rona Barrett were the older ones I remember

mixing truth with fiction, seems a lot of that going on lately

I personally Thank You for pointed this out, I have posted blinds from CDAN

will research more before posting

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Thanks for reading and considering.

I don't like misinformation spread. Obviously, in chasing a cabal, speculation is needed, but it has to be grounded in facts. And I will totally admit to being guilty of quoting enty like he's some oracle. He's not. And you mention The Enquirer and Star, etc. They do break big stories, but that really muddies the waters because how do you know what's true and not true. And, yes, the same with enty.

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I never caught the time frame of the blind, I feel horrible, Libya one

Will take consideration on EVERYTHING I read from now on

I forget just what is at stake during this war, and it is a war and all media is being used

Thanks for the pop in the head, I deserved it

but I will continue to go to CDAN, will have to do more research, try to figure fact or fiction

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no problem. I always think the more views the better.

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https://archive.fo/lQgwv :

Henry Winkler on Twitter: "As they should.. don’t we want our future to be passionate and articulate????… "

https://archive.fo/1qfaC :

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump and Played the Audio to Others, Sources Say

https://archive.fo/URx16 :

John Doe on Twitter: "If Kim Masters says Aprrentice exec producer Mark Burnett has tapes of President Trump saying the n-word.... then it definitely seems like it might be more than just a rumor.… t.co/Kzb8cn6wrl"

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Here's another example of what I'm talking about. It wouldn't fit within the word count constraints, but why would enty call out Assange? The man has been locked up WITHOUT ANY FRESH AIR OF SUNLIGHT, had his rights to the internet terminated, and HAS NO RIGHTS TO HEALTH CARE!!!! And yet, this fucking asshole enty fabricates a post using Assange and this is all right?


I really wanted to call this one full circle, but think I have used that name before.This involves three women and a few men, but it is the way this all came to be which is the most interesting thing. The first woman we will call A. You all know her and she ended up with the job. She was not the first or even the second choice, but in the long run, she has worked out well and looking back, probably the best choice. ...

So, in the end, A was chosen and has been doing it for several years at this point. She has made over $1M for her work. Will she end up going to jail? I think it is more likely she will end up killed rather than jailed.

A: Pamela Anderson B: Kylie Minogue C: Nicole Scherzinger M: George Soros N: Julian Assange

And posts like these are okay because enty has the right to fabricate things in-between telling the truth? Why the hell is VOAT publishing anything he's posted then? And why treat it as if it were sacrosanct.