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Why is being downVoated? I don't get it?

There's been NOTHING this nothingburger has exposed. He's RTing? And acting like some leader? Leader of what? Hey, pal! You're late to the party! And you didn't even bring potato salad!

No names ... no proof ... you'd think he'd spill his guts, but then he never had anything to spill.

Thanks for posting.

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Why do you care if people believe something different than you? Why waste your time berating and belittling them? You're worse than the people you talk shit about!

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Hahaha,,,You make zero sense. Keep talking Jaber wocky

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It doesn't make sense to you because you're not a reasonable person!

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Eeh I'm gonna use a jew defense here:

Conspiracy theorists aren't monolithic so therefore we all can't be blamed as being dumb

Some of us (a small minority) are overly optimistic and they have to work on that ;)

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The sheeple don't know that. We are all crazy conspiracy theorist. Spreading his nonsense around like fools when it was meant to make us look like, fools, who follow a nut. He is in the business and he just clowned you all.

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Well that's kinda subjective... my morale won't be effected by the sheeple opinions and personally I called kappy out as a Cory Feldman on like day 2

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Don't know what's up with kaps, could be legit could be not or somewhere in between, but the basics of it is he gets really specific about fairly vague statements he alleges to have heard and gets crazy vague about what should be specific statements, such as, paraphrasing here,,,when he says seth green told him he and clare are pedo illumanists without saying specifically what they/he actually said.

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I'm one of the guys OP was talking about. One of those.. Trump supporters

So are you guys going to be dopes indefinitely, or are you going to figure out that the entire system has long since been theirs?

Most of us are informed. We know what our establishment is doing because we read it here https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/32880 However, not everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

There has been a massive effort to post beneficial information here. We are directing traffic to WikiLeaks and bolstering our free speech defense. Give the groupthinkers a day or two to catch up...

Found your leak--Oh_Well_Ian

Might want to do something about that


This is not my subverse to have a discussion. All I can do is release the cable and go.

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Funny how "unbiased" Wikileaks hasn't posted anything negative of Trump's yet. Wikileaks is controlled, as is Trump. Congratulations, you're so "informed" that you've been following multiple psyops.

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WWG1WGA. They'll just have to catch up;)

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This. Some critical thinking would go a long way in this sub, not to mention it would loosen the foothold that disinfo routinely gets around here.

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About time someone saw through this kosher disinfo campaign. With jews you lose, every. damn. time.

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