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What in the fuck is wrong with this comment section? A pedophile is a pedophile, no matter their sex or their appearance FFS

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Right? I'm starting to think shills are hitting my thread.

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Shills are out in full force everywhere...They might feel threatened .....with all the reveals.

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Fixed it for you: "Right? I'm starting to think kikes are hitting my thread."

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Maybe because its Cher she gets cut some slack... ?

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And if you notice, when you call them out on it, they will call you a "homo" for it. It's not normal behavior.

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Given the type of "environment" that Cher allowed, I wonder what kind of abuse her daughter, Chastity, suffered that screwed her head up so much, she had to foresake her own mind and body to become Chaz Bono?

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Cher has a son also

Elijah Blue

think he was an addict, heroin, some time back

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Not a bit surprised after reading the article about her and Geffen. It's their favorite pastime, don't ya know. They neatly disposed of Sonny too.

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To be fair, Sonny deserved to die for the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act.

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Never heard of that, but it was not for them to decide. They are not the law. As long as he didn't kill anyone.

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...but everyone else was doing it...didn't work in grade school and wouldn't work in front of a jury.

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I mean obviously his sexual experience didn’t help him in his adult sex life and judgement. Exploitation does things to people...

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Why would Cher, a famous singer, babysit some random boy?

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She was friends with his father, who was an actor.

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It's amazing how many musician's music and movies will be literally unwatchable/unlistenable after all of this comes out. I already can't watch or listen to certain songs or movies. Thanks for sharing OP.

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I read his biography and yeah, pretty messed up childhood. I think it came out in 2004 and he wrote about an encounter with Cher as well as dating a 15 year old when he was 25.

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