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That's so interesting! I've been reconsidering this incident since discovering Fiona Barnett's testimony (particularly her memory of a doctor from the Luciferian cult deciding to write that poisoning by a blue ringed octopus was the cause of death of a little boy who'd been murdered on a beach in Sydney).

Also it still hasn't been explained how the baby Azaria's unusual black jacket (which had been handknitted by her mother Lindy Chamberlain) came to be discovered years later neatly folded in a cave.

I often wonder lately if the Chamberlains were "breeders" and were handing the baby over, and the dingo thing was the story they were told to tell. For starters IMO no mother in her right mind would choose to leave home (and they appeared to live in a decent enough house in NSW) to go on an ultra-long, uncomfortable camping road trip in harsh desert conditions with two young children and a newborn.

There were many things that were "off" about the Chamberlains' behaviour at the time (including what would probably be termed "dupers delight"), which the Australian public, following the story on the TV news, perceived. Later the Australian public was shamed by that movie "Evil Angels" (starring, of all the actresses, Merryl Streep as Lindy!) for their justified skepticism about the Chamberlains' honesty.

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very unusual indeed, especially so when one includes the matching red shoes

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Well, actually that seals the deal for me. I don't remember that many children wearing black. and red shoes. Very odd indeed. Really. Red shoes, and MA in the near vicinity should get people wondering.

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Azaria was not wearing that outfit when she was taken by the dingo

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how do you know for a fact she was wearing those ?

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Don't know where you got that photo but Azaria was dressed in white including a white matinee jacket

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There was evidence on the seat. Why would you take a baby there? And she kept getting convicted but such a short sentence. Something was up with that. If they thought she REALLY murdered her baby daughter, why so little time. First off, my thought went right to her promising that baby for sacrifice. Was she a breeder and the deal was ok'd before Azaria was born, or did she accept an offer from Maria after the birth, Idk, but it is a real possibility. Too many fingers pointing to Mother Lindy.

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The only people shamed were the media and NT police for the utter circus and clusterfuck they created.

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if the Chamberlains were "breeders"

That's exactly the thought that came to me as well. Ritualistic sexual impregnation and occult ritualistic pregnancy, then a final sacrifice of the "chosen" soul. Poor child, but I suppose it could have been worse to grow up being abused in that family.

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Whoa ! So the whole Seinfeld joke about the dingo eating the baby was connected to MA the whole time ?! That’s wht it looks like to me .

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Yep... this shows just how deep the Cult goes.

It takes a media, movies, actors, police and a court system to spin a yarn like this...

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I was thinking the same thing. There have been references and jokes about this for years. They also made movies about this case. Maybe they put these stories in the news and turn them into movies in an attempt to relive their sick crimes. Having us all watch these movies and have it rubbed in our faces is just an added bonus.

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Didn't Jerry marry a 17 yo way back when?

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Yup! And how about David Letterman asking Trump about his Luxury yacht in 1987 interview '....does it have a pizza oven?' Watch Trump's bewirldement as in 'WTF?!!!'

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Yeah took a while to find that interview because it was actually 88. They don't even show trump's face and he has no bewilderment, and Trump agrees there is in fact a pizza oven.


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I saw the same bewilderment you did. It was totally there in the body language. He did agree there was a pizza oven but very quietly as if 'why would you ask that'? He follows it with 'it's got just about everything' as if he is embarrassed to admit it has something as unnecessary as a pizza oven. As if he sees zero significance in the statement aside from its got everything EVEN a dumb old pizza oven when it already had ovens.

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I disagree

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Err...which joke? Sorry, don't know it. Could you please elaborate? Thanks! :-)

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This is a fantastic use of a lot of conspiracy tropes.

First there is the meaningless definition of connections "Connected to" aka not connected to in any way, but in the area. Wow. Given these rules I am connected to this


and to this


Secondly, the fudging of facts to skew the probability.

exact same sparsely-populated region in the middle of nowhere

AKA a world famous tourist spot that gets 400,000 visitors a year, is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, and a place where the near bye resort will be happy to set you up to tour the area on one of these


or this


or this


Wait! You say the ground is too mundane for you? How about this?


or maybe one of these?


and the kicker of course is this false claim

at the same time the baby went missing

Nope. Provably False. Not the same Time.

The trip that inspired the performance written about in the times began months after the death of Azaria Chamberlain.

The legendary artist spent between October 1980 and March 1981 with the Pitjantjatjara and Pintupi people of the Western Desert, https://www.vogue.com.au/vogue-living/arts/marina-abramovc-to-return-to-australia-for-the-first-time-in-17-years/news-story/8607fa09cc886d5e0629b2f930967e47

In August of 1980 Ambramovic was performing these pieces in Dublin

https://artblart.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/marina-abramovic-et-ulay-web.jpg http://media.li-ma.nl/view/121062.jpg

https://ago.ca/exhibitions/marina-abramovic-and-ulay-rest-energy Marina Abramovic and Ulay Rest Energy Performance for Video August 1980, ROSC’80 Dublin,

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I can't believe people actually attend events like the ones she puts on. Rich people are fucked in the head and the majority of them will be burning in hell when they die.

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In August of 1980 Ambramovic was performing these pieces in Dublin



https://ago.ca/exhibitions/marina-abramovic-and-ulay-rest-energy Marina Abramovic and Ulay Rest Energy Performance for Video August 1980, ROSC’80 Dublin,

Two problems with this evidence you're giving, KofH. First, the exhibition you cite was in 2013, not 1980. Secondly, if the performance was done on video, it doesn't really prove she was in Ireland not in Australia.

@think- @ben_matlock

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I'm afraid that KoH is right, Vin.

The performance, which took place in Dublin in 1980. And then it explicitly says:

'Marina Abramovic and Ulay Rest Energy Performance for Video August 1980, ROSC’80 Dublin'


ROSC might have been an art festival perhaps?

Edit: Yep, ROSC was an art festival. But (lol):

The video was recorded in Amsterdam (and then shown at the ROSC exhibition).

Rest Energy is a 1980 performance art piece created and performed by then-performance artist duo Marina Abramović and Ulay and recorded in Amsterdam.


It's safe to assume that she indeed was in Dublin during the exhibition - perhaps at the opening, perhaps longer - but we don't know for sure.

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No. You need to read that again.

The 2013 exhibition is for the Art Gallery of Ontario not Dublin and what they are exhibiting is the video of a performance that was recorded in Dublin in 1980. Read the part I quoted from the 2013 show.

Performance for Video August 1980, ROSC’80 Dublin

If you read the rest of catalogue it says this explicitly mentions the performance took place in Dublin 1980. She was in Dublin at sometime in August 1980 and she made this video then.

EXHIBITION OVERVIEW ......AGO visitors will also have an opportunity to experience, or discover for the first time, the power of her art — in a remastered video of the performance piece Rest Energy by Abramovic and then-partner Ulay, on view in the Marvin Gelber Gallery starting June 8. The performance, which took place in Dublin in 1980, is an enactment of the extreme levels of trust and vulnerability inherent in any deep relationship.

ROSC was a modern art show held every 4 years in Dublin starting in 1967. If you look up ROSC 1980 Dublin, you can find out tons about this big art show. 1980 was the first year performance art was included. And Rest Energy was performed before a live audience.


There were several landmark moments across the exhibitions including the first performance of Rest Energy by Marina Abramovic and Ulay in Rosc ’80, which involved Ulay holding a steel arrow pointed directly at Abramovic’s heart for four minutes.


Ulay/Marina Abramović, Rest Energy, Performance for Video, 4 minutes ROSC’ 80, Dublin, 1980 Marina Abramović and Ulay perform Rest Energy, 1980, for the first time at Rosc ‘80. Ulay held a sprung steel arrow pointing directly at Abramovic’s heart for four minutes

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I am from OZ. Very famous case!!!! Wow! David Icke called OZ the Pedo/trafficking haven. Gigantic expanse of desert! No tracks.

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So oz is real?


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Have you ever seen “Top of the Lake”?

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No. What's it about?

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This is the Australia National Museum's website with a pic of the dress and the shoes, shown in the vid:


Interestingly, already in the 1980s, the public speculated that the child might have been sacrificed (see link above):

The fact that the Chamberlains were Seventh-Day Adventists led to bizarre rumours and theories.

For instance, it was said that Adventists believed in sacrificing a child to atone for sin and that Azaria’s name meant ‘sacrifice in the wilderness’. But this dress is on display at the museum, so it couldn't have be worn by the baby when she died.

A newspaper article mentions a dress seized at a raid of the Chamberlain's home a year after her death - would that be this dress?

TL;DR: The baby didn't wear it the day it disappeared. She seems to have worn a whitish dress that day which subsequently turned into a brownish colour, due to the desert dirt.

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It was odd to me at the time even as a kid, that I felt like it was too fake and I wondered how they knew what took the baby and that it ate the baby... now I wonder how a Dingo completely eats a baby and leaves nothing behind for evidence.

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Totally, if there actually were a dingo involved, it would more likely be trying to save a kid from these sickos! Only half joking

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It made made no sense! Now it makes sense!

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If they are anything like coyotes, which I'm assuming they are, they leave nothing behind.

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Curiouser and curiouser....

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Kill little baby

Blame it on innocent dog

What could go wrong

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Yes, the dog ate my homework theory. Never works.

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Joke about it on national tv.


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This is what they do. Diffuse satanic murder into comedy. Once the issue is shifted into that realm of public consciousness, it's unlikely you'll get a public outcry.

Make 'em laugh as they say.

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Assuming the baby was taken by humans, ultimately nothing went wrong for the perpetrators. The original verdict was later changed to officially find the dingo did it. Lindy Chamberlain was eventually able to sue for wrongful imprisonment and won millions of dollars in compensation, ending up a comparatively wealthy individual.

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Was she "wrongfully imprisoned" and the lawsuit a legal manner to funnel her the money?

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