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Do you remember that the 24/7 traffic cameras that had a view of CPP were disabled before Edgar staged his assault? Yeah, me too.

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Yes, and then it was moved back later. What a dirty trick by some of our not so finest and bought.

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Do you remember that Edgar Maddison also has an IMDB page?

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His dad was film producer. Dig on background?

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Was the post about the cameras being moved (before the shooting) on Voat or Twitter? I can't remember - anyone have a link?

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It was all over voat...

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he went in to save children, so what does he do?

he fires the gun into a locked door where there may have been children

and this actor is the only reason that "debunks" pizzagate, Comet Ping Pong


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Remind people of the FOIA request that forced the DCPD to admit there was no investigation after all and that the NYT's had to retract their story "debunking Pizzagate." Reminder, when someone gives you "It has been debunked," give them the NYT's retraction. Then ask how it was debunked.

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Yes, and then they'll continue to stare at you blankly, with a look on their face like they just got done eating a bowl of human shit. You know, the look that Are_We_Sure has on his face at all times.

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For some reason Edgar Maddison isn't showing up on the standard inmate locater the BOP set up, so there is no way to send him mail asking him for his version of events. Thats suspicious.

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maybe his agent is listed on his IMBD page

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Going to need milk for that one Moloch!

Whew, spicy.

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That's because his name is Edgar Maddison Welch. Shows he is currently in FCI Elkton low security federal correctional institution in Ohio.

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His daddy was FBI wasn't he?

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Yes, and Eddie Welch hit a 13 year old with his car less than two months before the (((shooting))). Never went to court or anything for it. His Fed dad pulled some strings.

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I don't think he would show in BOP (Federal) if he was in Central Detention under DC gov.

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Wow, what a gal.

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What are the odds of one bullet going through a door and into a potentially incriminating PC Hard drive, on which days before hacker found contained videos requiring passwords to access ?

We could ask @Are_We_Sure /s

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@are_we_sure is a moron. He doesn't even know what caliber was used to "shoot the lock" off the server closet and to destroy the hard drive.

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That's your imbicilic definition of what are moron is?.

Why do think the caliber is even relevant?

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The timing is what gives it away.

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If a bullets hits a PC hard drive, there is something left to recover. They even recovered data from hard drives that were in the twin towers on 9/11.

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I bet if someone went to Ed's prison he's not there.

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I've always thought the same thing.

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Does anyone remember the conflicting stories from the eye witnesses interviewed on the day, multiple shots fired into the air ... no shots fired ... etc.

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I remember the Muslim lawyer who was allegedly eating lunch inside CPP with his family. He seemed very supportive of Alefantis and Comet. He stated he saw the suspect walk in, but never heard a gunshot! That place isn't very big. How did he not hear a shot?

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I recall the exact guy! Il bet you a ten spot it's gone from YouTube.

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Originally reported as no shots. Later reports mentioned shots

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