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I say great. Is there no one with software coding skills that would like to take half of their customer base and become an instant billionaire? Where is the logical thought in all of this? Nobody needs Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google to survive. But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google, and all the rest must have us to survive. Turn it off! I already did. Losing half their customer base overnight would be a death spiral that could not be reversed. They can sign their death warrants at will. Who wants to become a billionaire overnight ? Surely there are some software coders somewhere who aren't totally brain dead.

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There are plenty of open source alternatives to the functionality provided by the big tech companies

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It's already out there! Tor, IPFS, Zeronet (my top recommendation), cjdns. These protocols are more important now than ever! Just as turning off the internet of the masses is in our power, building the internet of the future is as simple as just using it!

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Respectfully, do you think this is all about Alex Jones? It's a huge frontal attack on free speech and a huge step towards takeover of the Internet.

From WP:

The ZeroNet website and bittorrent tracker are blocked in China.

So you think Apple, who has aligned with the Chi-Coms, would blink at being involved in blocking ZeroNet WW? Wake up to what is really going on. These NWO commies really are that evil. And yes, they are involved in pedo trafficking and abuse as well.

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It doesn’t matter if a platform is better if no one or even half the people arent using it. Most people here know how corrupt and bullshit these companies are but they still have a ton of influence on a lot of the population. They can push votes and shift and election so it is more complicated than just you and me quitting their sites.

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It's not the ability to build it, it's getting the dumb sheep to actually switch over that's damn near impossible since the masses stick to their herds and the big tech companies make it so easy to simply stay with them because of various integrations.

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You can still read & watch infowars on your smartphone. There's a dedicated app you can download:


Interestingly, the Infowars app surged ahead of all other media app downloads immediately after the infowars bans:


People are by passing censorship.

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Nice addition to the post, RR.

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Start with Zeronet, find me there! The name will be as close to my voat username as possible! THIS IS WHERE WE GO WHEN THEY SHUT US DOWN FOR GOOD.

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Infowars' Alex Jones and his entire crew stopped mentioning the term pizzagate on twitter at the same time - December 5th 2016. I didn't notice this until the following February when I got the feeling he was shilling to "debunk" it, so I looked through their accounts.


This can only mean one thing - whoever is controlling Jones's narratives and messaging is responsible for pizzagate. Infowars is not the only organisation that did this. Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett and "Newsbud" did the same thing at the same time.


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Good catch. Jones is a straw man. "Alex Jones Exposed by Milton William Cooper" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7jJMYJbAKc

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All the people you mentioned are known controlled opposition, especially Corbett with his 9/11 limited hangout. Yet another thread backing disinfo ops and selling Trump the savior.

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Not his entire crew. Joe Biggs and Maggie Howell wouldn't keep quiet and Alex canned them both.

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Joe Biggs last tweet that mentioned pizzagate was 30th November 2016. They all to a man and woman do not give a damn about child sex slaves and only care about their careers and paychecks.

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Anonymous has been shit since 2010, its just a bunch of script kiddies with edgy attitudes.

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Anonymous has always been shit..Hello Ted Turner...

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https://archive.fo/FA6eS :

Alex Jones and Infowars Content Is Removed From Apple, Facebook and YouTube - The New York Times

https://archive.fo/la4SZ :

Why Infowars’ Alex Jones was banned from Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify | PolitiFact

https://archive.fo/plIVL :

How Alex Jones lost his info war - The Verge

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=vFHzrmk5Md0 :

Anonymous Operation QAnon - YouTube

https://archive.fo/tJhEO :

Anonymous launches 'Operation QAnon,' vows to expose identity of Q - Washington Times

https://archive.fo/9tr50 :

Anonymous vows to take down, expose QAnon | TheHill

https://archive.fo/Ve1ph :

Anonymous is now doxxing Q-Anon supporters: “We gonna wreck you” – VICE News

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There is no fucking war, moron. It's the jews fucking with each other.

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The clown parade in here continues. . He has redpilled nobody. Anybody that watches Infowars is NOT redpilled. You can't give somebody credit for giving some truth when he mixes in significant lies. That is why he is there. Q and Jones are misdirection disinfo and they protect the controllers and the way things work. You are still a virgin.

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We have gab to spread awareness too. I have an account there.

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