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the alleged Madam, her last name is Puello. Is she related to Jorge Puello another trafficker posing as the lawyer for Laura Silsby?

Here is a link to a site that delves into who Jorge Torres Puello really is. The explanation can get somewhat confusing and I will leave it up to you to read or not but I also will post the final culmination of their report on him. Possibly these two people are related or not.


Jorge Torres Puello, like Laura Silsby, is a self-promotor, a narcissist, a reinventor, and a liar. He is a sex trafficker. She is an adoption trafficker. Both compartmentalize their lives with religion and corruption. Both commodify children and women.. Both believe that they are above the law. I honestly can’t imagine why Torres Pulleo positioned himself in the middle of an international incident pretending to be a lawyer, especially with the voice-in-my heads from Central Valley Baptist Church and their brain inept leader. And why would the CVBC christo-colonials take Torres Puello’s word sight unseen? A gift from God, no doubt. But, then, everything about this case is crazy.

There is growing evidence the Torres Pulleo had no prior relationship with most of the detainees. I am not convinced of Laura Sisby, though. There are, in fact, still many areas to look in to outside of Silsby. One should be the relationship between Puelleo and sex tourist real estate and rental agents. Another is a possible link between Torres Puello and CIA trafficking. How far has the sex ring investigation gone? Trafficking demands more than three players. And of course, what was Puello up to, whether he knew Laura Silsby before or after.

Here is a link saying he has been connected to prostitution trafficking which is what Campos Puello is being charged with and also that there is someone in Columbia with his last name connected to drug trafficking. Could this be a ring run by Puello family? Idk, but we know there are many rings through out Mexico, Central and So. America.


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Jorge Puello, believe it or not, supposedly ran a synagogue in Haiti prior to getting involved with Silsby:



What's interesting is that all these Mockingbird outlets are outting him as a trafficker and a fraud back in 2010.

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If you read the link that I said was somewhat confusing, it tells of his connection to Sephardic Jews. And yes in Haiti. Not surprised. I don't know for sure if he is connected to the Madam in Columbia, but I do know that families do continue their wicked deeds. Certain families are known in the drug trade and sex trade.

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the alleged Madam, her last name is Puello. Is she related to Jorge Puello another trafficker posing as the lawyer for Laura Silsby?

That was my first and immediate question too.

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Yes, there are some family names that are crime families and these two seem to have the same criminal background. Birds of a feather and family per chance.

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I did some background research on this. Very interesting.

The one Israeli citizen that got named by police - Assi Ben-Mosh (or Moosh) has quite a history.

He's an ex-soldier of the Israeli army, and started as a street vendor on a market in Japan. I assume that he, like so many Israelis who have completed their army service, travelled the world as a backpacker.

On the Japanese market, he bullied other backpackers who tried to establish a small business, and took control over them.

Then he went on to sell drugs, and got involved with the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). He was arrested in 2003 in Europe, at this time, he already was the head of an international drug trafficking ring.


At some point, he moved to Colombia, fathered three children, and bought houses in different South American countries, only to convert them to hostels where he sold drugs, prostitutes - and children - to fellow Israelis.

He surrounded himself with other ex-Israeli soldiers, and had a heavily armed entourage (which you probably need in Colombia, considering the state of affairs in this country).

In 2017, he had to leave Colombia due to his child trafficking activities. Please note: He didn't go to jail there, not even a trial was started. Which begs the question whether he might have been connected to Mossad.

Of course he didn't stop his trafficking business, so that he got busted again now. So I wonder who is the real head of this trafficking gang - the arrested woman, or Assi Ben-Mosh, the Israeli with a long history of drug and child trafficking?

The woman's role obviously was to select the victims for wealthy customers who ordered them for parties on their yachts and other premises.

On a photo that some newsoutlets showed, a buddy of Assi Ben-Mosh makes the 'devil's' hand sign.


Oh, and of course, he set up a foundation for children in need..... /s

The woman called 'Madame' has a history of drug smuggling to the US; maybe she was a victim when she was younger, and forced to smuggle drugs (like so many other girls/women), and later rose in the hierachy of the gang.

Of course, local policemen were involved....

What I didn't know was that drug smuggling seems to be rampant among young Israeli backpackers:


(Very good article, mentions Ben-Mosh.)

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If Derram shows up I'll move these:

haaretz - https://archive.fo/X7dTB

thehandstand - https://archive.fo/1kTzO

dailybastardette - https://archive.fo/P5avd

thedailybeast - https://archive.fo/plwK0

cnn - https://archive.fo/C9Qk

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Ok. :-) Thank you!

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For further digging:

One foundation 'for children in need' Ben-Mosh founded seems to have been Ifta House, located in La Candelaria, Bogota. Headed by Evyatar Hadary, who bought the house in 2012.

Assi Ben-Mosh seems to have handled the revenues of his hostels and foundations via two companies: Assi SAS and Hadary SAS.


Edit: Name of someone else allegedly involved: Moshe Noam.

Also: Itay Senior, manager and legal representative of the hostel Casa Benjamin in Cartagena, expelled with Ben-Mosh in 2017 and now administrator of the Benjamin Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico.

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OK, so what I can't figure out is why every time PG names the (((Mafia))), the 'NAME THE JOOOOOOO' crowd never shows up to help.

Fear I guess.

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Isn't that weird?

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Kinda spooky.

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Maybe if kikes stopped diddling kids, we'd leave them alone.

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Thank you for posting this here, @shewhomustbeobeyed. :-)

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You're welcome. Now don't just sit there, teach me how to fix this damned thing. : )

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Now don't just sit there


teach me how to fix this damned thing. : )

What do you mean by 'fix'? looks confused

Imo it's fine. :-)

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>several unnamed Israelis

I wonder (((why))).

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Quit wondering and start helping to find out who the bastards are. My digging skills are minimal maybe you could help?