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@Tallestskil, if you're going to whine like a bitch and call pizzagoats (((jewish spammers))), you might want to not spam the Comment section with copypasta of your bloviating. Dumbass.

Removing this duplicate comment as SPAM.


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  1. Yeah, it’s not remotely spam under any definition of the word.
  2. Nowhere was any pizzagate user (or anyone who believes in it) called a jewish spammer. Pizzagate (and its attendant predecessor groups–“pedogate” and “pedowood”) is proven to be true. It’s part of a far-reaching and decades-old system of child trafficking.
  3. It is SLANDERED by association with Q-LARP, which is a proven hoax. The hoax was exposed in the post you suspiciously deleted.

Read posts before replying to them rather than taking the word of the paid shills who reported something they couldn’t refute, okay?