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We might be getting massive arrests this or in the coming weeks!

Now.....where did I hear this before....?

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what evidence is supporting mass arrests? The thousands of sealed indictments, but Im.sceptical, too. Could these excessive number of indictments refer to.immigration cases? I dont feel like we have been.given adequate clues. Might these be in reference to asset forfeitures as a result of Trumps new executitive orders? Could it be indictments against foreign nationals that we cant arrest because they are not within our jurisdiction but they can be nabbed if they ever cross our borders? I am just speculating.

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Immigration cases? lol

I noticed in all your speculation you conveniently avoiding making the case for human trafficking and treason being behind the MASSIVE AND UNPRECEDENTED NUMBER OF SEALED INDICTMENTS.

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I’ve been seeing more and more Trafficking and pedo ring arrests. Here’s a great resource group. Great Awakening on Reddit.


And on this Great Awakening site, here’s the indictment info. Notice that the busiest states are generally southern border - trafficking - and northeastern - including the politicians heavily involved?


Look over the topics being discussed on left but do check out “Useful Resources” links on right. Lots of great info including the sealed indictments tally sheet and states heat map showing the states with the most total indictments.

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I am still weary but really hoping on this one. Alot of stuff is going mainstream now.

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What really needs to go mainstream, so that people really understand and get "it", is the rampant violent abuse through SRA and how much all of this BS ties in with pedophilia, worldwide.

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I'll believe it when I see it. ;-)

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Best not to assume such things re: timeframe of arrests.

This could all still take quite a while. There's still much to be revealed; even more being processed behind the scenes.

I know it's a pain, but, patience :)

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My anti-Trump coworker heard about Q on NPR and started up a conversation with me. Apparently NPR is saying Q is Trump. I told him it didn't matter who Q is, but that Q has predicted future events and brought attention to criminal behavior. Pointed out some examples that he checked in real time on his computer. Seeing a hard core liberal, Obama fan, red pilled is something you don't forget.

His jaw on floor, asks outloud, "Have you ever wondered what else they've lied about?" I chuckled and told him to start with the Kennedy assassination.

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Outstanding. And this is how we win.

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Damn, good work! Thanks for sharing.

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Which examples did you mention?

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"What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control. [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussain administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. ...

Thing is, it didn't just start under the Obama administration. Its a non-partisan swamp. Every new government that takes control just continues and piles onto the corruption and evils of the previous one. The Bush years were also horrendous. He brought 9-11 and the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and more. Clinton... Poppy Bush... need I say more? Nixon was a choir boy in comparison to what came after him. I have to say, so far, Trump has been a breath of fresh air in regards to the atrocities committed.

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Thing is, it didn't just start under the Obama administration. Its a non-partisan swamp. Every new government that takes control just continues and piles onto the corruption and evils of the previous one.

Yep. And how come that Trump appointed John Bolton of all people as his NSA? Bolton, who was one of the hawks of the Bush administration plotting the Iraq invasion....

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Agreed. I think calling obama hussain and making this a partisan war is horrible for our cause

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Very good point. I have watched some of the appointments and they do leave me scratching my head. SMH.

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5 D chess or 2D checkers?

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I have commented about this 3 or 4 times in the past few days...Its so.much easier to gripe about mis-spellings than it is to study the situation. Q predicted that something big was going to happen and he was right. He predicted that MSM would get their 4:30.am memos to castigate Q in unison the next day.and thus the Streisand effect has the whole world asking : who is Q?

There are many naysayers here who will role their collective eyes at Q. For those of you who are open minded, I urge you to play Praying Medic's "proofs" announced in July, then read or listen to all of his programs in chronological order for July and August. When you are finished, then express your opinions here..You can read the 1700+ Q drops but PM does the work for you.

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Great advice!

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I'm finally starting to believe QAnon again. I stopped for a long time. However after this


"FINALLY. Public DOMAIN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaknV3FMGowYouTube📁 [RR] exonerated Manafort FOR THE SAME CHARGES (8) years ago.

https://www.politico.com/story/2018/04/03/mueller-paul-manafort-probe-rosenstein-approves-497701📁 Can you locate the orig court docs? [RR][RR][RR] [RR][RR] [RR] Q"

Now Q going mainstream and telling people "We knew this day would come. United We Stand. Conspiracy no more"


It's hitting MSM.

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Yep. Praying Medic is excellent.

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I believe that there is the original Q and there are the imposters (Larps). It's up to us to seperate who is who.

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Q is a Psyop thats about to blow up in Alt Media's face.

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Excellent post @gamepwn keep up the great job brother.

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Thank you! You too!

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Before there was Qanon there was FBIAnon.

Nearly every time politicians, celebrities or elite behave strangely, something akin to Trump Derangement Syndrome, it bolsters FBI Anon's earlier remarks. I ask myself if their behavior matches his accusations. It does always.

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https://archive.fo/sa0fs :

Why People Believe QAnon's Trump Conspiracy Theory | Time

https://archive.fo/XkmMD :

QAnon: The bizarre conspiracy theorists at a Donald Trump rally

https://archive.fo/J7eE0 :

What is Qanon? A guide to the conspiracy theory taking hold among Trump supporters

https://archive.fo/oEyiq :

QAnon: latest Trump-linked conspiracy theory gains steam at president's rallies | US news | The Guardian

https://archive.fo/dVc68 :

Conspiracy theories are for losers. QAnon is no exception. - The Washington Post

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