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Big-Time Gangsters Set up McCain's Family Fortune The Buchanan-hating Bronfman family are the "godfathers" behind the organized crime empire in Arizona that spawned the political career of "reformer" John McCain.

In 1976 a crusading Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, was murdered by a car-bomb after writing a series of stories exposing the organized crime connections of well-known figures in Arizona, including one Jim Hensley. (Cindy's Father)

Five years later "Honest John" McCain arrived in Arizona as the new husband of Hensley's daughter, Cindy. "From the moment McCain landed in Phoenix," according to Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity, "the Hensleys were key sponsors of his political career."

The fact is, the people ultimately behind the Hensley fortune are even more interesting and controversial

While it is well-known McCain's father-in-law is owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation—the media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain's rise to power.

The Hensley fortune, in fact, is a regional offshoot of the big time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty of Canada, founded by Sam Bronfman, an early partner of Meyer Lansky, longtime "chairman of the board" of the international crime syndicate. (The Bronfmans cover all bases. Sam's son, Edgar, today—at least publicly—supports George W. Bush.)

If it's Democrats, they are getting help. Remember they are all in this together. The Bronfmans and McCains, especially Cindy's father plays a big part in what happens in Az.

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Awesome info. Big thanks.

But this:

The Hensley fortune, in fact, is a regional offshoot of the big time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty of Canad

The bootlegging reference made me think of Trump's tweet ... the one about Al Capone.


Looking back on history, who was treated worse, Alfonse Capone, legendary mob boss, killer and “Public Enemy Number One,” or Paul Manafort, political operative & Reagan/Dole darling, now serving solitary confinement - although convicted of nothing? Where is the Russian Collusion? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2018

Wonder if he was making reference to the Bronfman's and this mafia cartel?

And, of course now, you have the Mexican mafia added to the mix.


They also say that “there is a schism between the EDNY and Main Justice [Democrats] over whether to indict a clearly guilty Emiliano Salinas for his large role in the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.“ Salinas is the son of a former president of Mexico



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Yeah I know about Salinas. Bronfman is in control of Canada and he is head of the Jewish Mafia which was called the Purple Gang when his father started out bootlegging liquor in Canada If you read the whole section in the link I sent your eyes will pop out, like mind did. Also remember that in Tucson the last name of the mayor is Rothschild. I am racking my brain now for I can't remember who the bf of Salinas is. He is married to a sex symbol woman but they are real boyfriends. Darn! OOH, just looked it up. Alenjandro Betancourt his biz partner. Salinas pretty much in control in Mexico. One of Nieto's kids is involved too and so is a child of Fox. They are all guilty as HE77.


As it says in the article Mexicans will not be enticed by NXIVM when they find out Salinas was gay. They are not as open about that as we are here. This will be one of the biggest trials ever. If it comes to pass.

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With the other players like Clare, they had some small charges at the start as well, then we find it mushroomed into a RICO Case. Many more charges added. Possibly this is what may happen to Salinas. I am hoping. There are many that are making money from Salinas' drug trafficking. Republicans and Democrats. in DC and across the country. Governors, Mayors they are all getting a piece of the pie for letting him operate in their cities. Beyond Despicable.

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I see you already have a down voat. That's good. They don't like it when we are right.

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Homeland Sercurity is dirty

who started it and why?

look into who ran/ runs it

they are in cahoots with the Aspen groups

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It's dirty for now.

It's part of the swamp and needs a good cleaning. I'm getting so sick of reading about all the dirty dealings going on. If we had a goddamn media, they'd be reporting on things like this. We'd actually see stories like this on the front page instead of fantasies based on a fictitious source, or ones based on how many diet sodas our POTUS drinks.

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I think what everyone forgets is the CIA clowns run the trafficking of drugs, arms and kids

worldwide with other intelligence

might be a good reason people have been comped

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Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy abruptly resigned and gave a bizarre speech claiming he was a "gay American". Completely obfuscated in the media reports was that he was being blackmailed into appointing a gay Israeli to run DHS in NJ.

The 9/11 attack was the impetus to create this powerful, new, Cabinet level agency with which to subvert American democracy from within.

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Immigration is their responsibilty

Trafficking is their responsibility

Government Cyber attacks is their responsibility

Tom Ridge, ex PA Governor, ran it first

PA is a very dirty state, so many roads lead back to PA

Michael Chertoff was next, he is very corrupt

I looked into DHS after LV shooting

remember thinking they were Clowns inside our boarders

They were a corruption from the begining

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Hey, didn't get a notification for this.

Will dig into this a little more, but you'd think the media would cover something other than the Russia hoax.

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Thanks for this.

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Scottsdale was always a Satanic center since I was a kid. Phoenix too. This video came out yesterday, ...https://mobile.wnd.com/2018/08/okeefe-catches-antifa-teaching-activists… Now this Andrew Zee might come across as a low level player, but I am not even sure if that is indeed his real name. Definitely PG related because he drops Tom Steyer in conversation.

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Thanks for this.

Didn't know about those being centers for Satanism, but it fits. Will definitely take a look at the video.

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Before google cracked down on it's own Raison d'être, there were multiple sites about the satanic highways with message boards. From 1880 to 2016, the Social Security Administration has recorded 347 babies born with the first name Zed in the United States. That would be Zee in American.

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What's your thoughts about vop I'm very mixed?

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I think they found something.

I think it's being covered up by character assassination via ad hominem attacks. All arrows point to something being horribly wrong. And the fact that Arizona is so compromised and involved in human trafficking just adds to it being a cover up. Remember that the hair dye was black. That meant it wasn't Mexican children being brought into the US. It was US kids or European children being taken out of the country.