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Exposing crime and corruption might be about to get a lot easier with new technology.

WhistleAI is an anonymous, blockchain-based marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to validate the contents of high-value, sensitive information.

Sounds pretty abstract, I know. But here's how it works in real life:

Bob knows his boss is running a human trafficking ring. Bob's boss is incredibly rich and powerful. Let's call Bob's boss "Harvey." Harvey is a household name whose face is burned into the minds of hundreds of millions of people.

Harvey has armies of lawyers doing his bidding around the clock. Harvey has run this human trafficking ring for years, making himself and other monsters millions upon millions of dollars.

How can Bob ensure that Harvey faces justice and that the victims are set free?

Bob gets in a room with Harvey and wears a hidden camera. On camera, Harvey spills the beans on the entire operation and all the misdeeds associated with it. Bob has Harvey confessing to human trafficking, on video.

Now what does Bob do? He could take the video to an FBI agent. But that agent could be corrupt and expose Bob, destroying Bob's life.

Bob could take the video to the press. But the moment a reporter lays eyes on the video, it's a toss-up as to whether that reporter chooses to report on it. And if Bob shops it around to an increasing number of reporters, his identity becomes more and more exposed. Bear in mind, once Bob's activities become known to Harvey, Bob's life is ruined.

The result? Bob tucks the video in his sock drawer and never says another word. And the human trafficking ring continues to grow and countless women and children continue to be slaves.

This is the problem WhistleAI solves.

WhistleAI is an anonymous marketplace where Bob can upload that video. No one ever need know Bob was involved.

WhistleAI has software that can instantly identify Harvey using facial recognition algorithms. The platform uses speech-to-text to transcribe every word of Harvey's confession. And remember: not a single person other than Bob has ever watched this video. But here's what the marketplace will tell the world:

"WhistleAI has validated video of Harvey X saying 'I have run a slave network for 15 years.'"

Imagine how much citizen journalists would pay to post that video. And none of them would ever have to meet Bob, know who he is. Bob can remain anonymous.

But of course, once Harvey sees the video, he'll know who recorded it. Harvey will make sure Bob never works in their industry again. So WhistleAI makes it so that journalists must bid on this information in a cryptocurrency called the WISL, and the highest bid wins the rights to the video, and Bob gets paid. The more valuable the information, the higher the payday. Bob gets a nice severance package while he looks for a new job.

Without an anonymous marketplace like this coming into existence, it's difficult to see how to expose the corruption of the very worst and most powerful among us. In this new era of blockchain and artificial intelligence, we hope to see a world where such crimes can be exposed.


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So, monetizing Wikileaks? And, how to defend against manufactured, virtual reality quality fake video? And how can whistleblower be certain he/she will not be Arkancided — regardless of whether the bad actor is eventually convicted? Why would this convice a whistle blower to take that vid out of the sock drawer? Conviction and ethical character are, in my mind, more compelling to whistleblowers than any $$$. In either case — with or without your AI scheme — the whistleblower risks his/her career, social circle, family, health...


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Also, in the coming age of doctored videos, only AI can 100% determine if a video is authentic or fake. Human eyes will not be sufficient.


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Any shortage can be mitigated using free market forces. If you want more whistleblowers, you have to create an economic incentive to blow the whistle. I never said we could 100% eliminate the risk of being a whistleblower. But we can nudge the risk in the right direction, and we can make it profitable to make the world a better place. Your objection amounts to "your solution is not 100% perfect." That's not a reasonable objection.