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[–] Honeybee_ 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago  (edited ago)

I'm not affiliated with anyone, and if you actually looked at Ark of Hope's website, you would see what they are doing, I don't demonize every non profit that tries to help kids. Ark of Hope does not house victims, they provide live chatrooms with online volunteers who also take calls and emails to listen to survivors stories, they also do major awareness campaigns through social media providing information, resources, and statistics, some statistics are from NCMEC, hell, sometimes I use them too, it's all we have unfortunately. They are not affiliated with NCMEC, did you even look at their affiliates? You are totally wrong about everything, everyone go to Ark Of Hope yourself and read EXACTLY what they do, your whole post is bs.

And here, like the rest of the world, you can find their 990s


[–] Piscina [S] 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Thank you for that info about the chat lines and their 990s. Your statement about my whole post being bs is unfortunate. I still don't understand why, after all your agitation and foot-stomping about mcmec, you would choose to endorse aoh and its ambassador, Strongbow aka Blackhorn33. I have noticed that since last year's post he has removed his referral to MAKEITULTRA.


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Ark of Hope's founder is Blair Corbett. He also founded the Good Men Project: You will see that he has posted an article on a Dutch court legalising a 'child love' (aka pedophilia) group. Blair talks about the 'battle for the hearts of oppressed children'.

So you're saying this claim is false? @Honeybee_ , you've danced around the subject, but this is a major point that seems to be substantiated,

And what about this. This is for @Vindicator also who seems to be making false claims of his own. Isn't the following an example of ''proof';?

Ark of Hope is affiliated with Robert Strongbow - Notinmyworld which calls itself a 'resource centre', although again it does nothing in reality. Suspicious that he publishes articles on pedophile activity as a way of alerting pedophiles on what to watch out for or how to avoid being found out by authorities.

Strongbow talks about 'Our Circle' and his website features an owl. Please read the comments: 'how did you like how I told the story, how we had to sacrifice somebody????' Click on another link and this is what you find:

… stared sourly at the corpse of the young blonde woman. Her tongue looking like grape flavored bubble gum stuffed in her mouth. Her eyes had rolled back in her head. ...The crown of her head was all soft and mushy from being banged against the wall – “banged” being the operative word. Disturbingly it was all post-mortem damage, including her badly broken neck

So @piscina provides proof with links and @Vindicator and @Honeybee_ dismiss it with what? Saying there is no proof?

If this is coming down to a RT not being in support of anyone, then that is what should be said, but it's kind of a weak defense. We've been relying on follows and RTs, etc. as a way of proving relationships, and most of these trails turn out to be accurate. So IF someone does RT something because it purports to be helping children, they should make that clear. It's difficult to remember every freakin' organization involved in this shit, so that would be the way to go.

Because that's not the way either of you went, I can only conclude this is another example of unfairness in getting rid of thread you don't like, and that's too damn bad. You're supposed to offer free speech, and refuting thing is fine, but not when you take advantage of your positions here and delete threads on the basis of conjecture and miscategorizing something as having ''no proof'' when it did offer ''proof by way of quotes and links''.

You're encouraged to disagree, but burying something isn't the way to go.


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Because I'm a bit of an arithmetic and numerology nerd, I just want to point to the numbers in their address:

6501 Northeast 32nd Place, High Springs, FL, USA

6501 = 66, then there's that pesky 32.. just an observation.

Also, Google maps.... can't get a street view on that time to look any further. Perhaps someone else will.

cc: @Piscina


[–] Piscina [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Thanks. I will have a bit more of a look tomorrow when I have more time.