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/u/JohnDavidPodestal is a part of a very large voat spamming ring that was mostly active during the Vegas shooting. They've become increasingly active the last few weeks and now have gone into full spam mode again, this time using the Hollywood pedo shit that has hit the news cycle. It's clear they're using this event to spam crap and gain CCP/SCP again, possible so that they can spew disinfo in the future with accounts that aren't all in the negatives.

These cunts were an extremely disruptive disinfo group almost a year ago, the above linked list of members (mostly bots) has been curated by several voaters including an older account of mine. I thought these fuckers were gone for good so I had to dig up this list and bring it back to life. I'll try to update it as I go as they seem to be creating new accounts to spam today as well.

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Thank you!

Edit: @think- let's keep our eyes on @JohnDavidPodesta if the spamming continues... A ban might be appropriate.

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Ban him, now!

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Look at the bots comments. Repeated again and again.


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Thanks for the intel. He's marked on this sub now. No more quarter from me.

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Thanks. I’m newer here but so far can spot disinformation sandwiched within semi rational information. Looking back I see that a few I sparred with have either been deleted or deleted their own accounts. Being a senior this is a great sign that I’m still perking ok mentally and my antennae and Red Flag alert system is still pretty good. Enjoy learning from all here.

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I hope this means they are not compromised and realize what a sick fuck James Gunn is.

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@johndavidpodesta - Dude....you gotta tighten up your posts and adhere to the guidelines. Friendly advice.

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https://archive.fo/zR01N :

BigHairyKev on Twitter: "Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth Have Unfollowed James Gunn on Twitter t.co/ZMMxDABEDB via @ComicBook"

This has been an automated message.

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Maybe they know something.

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Captain America always seemed like a very grounded dude in interviews to me he doesn't seem the Hollyweirdo type, he seems very Zen he was maybe Catholic but maybe no longer believes in the Roman Catholic Church, very universal pantheistic Buddhist view and he doesn't seem to be around the Hollyweird people so much. Its possible he might feel or know something is wrong or maybe he is just going through old memories trying to piece things together. If 'Thor' Chris Hemsworth also Unfollowed maybe something is up, it should be noted an Actor on Thor named Isaac Kappy is calling out some big names saying Hollywood is full of criminals.

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I have watched Kappy. He is bold but for anyone other than Seth there are not really details. I was pleased to hear him say he was getting tips about some guy but did not know. Inspires a little confidence.

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Removing all posts by this user per our 24 Hour Edit policy, which he abused.

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this post will need to be removed in 24 hours unless you can explain how a couple actors (who didn't even work with Gunn) unfollowing him on social media is relevant to the investigation of pizzagate (Rule 1)

thank you.

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A bit late to the party. Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland unfollowed about as soon as the story broke.

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Where is the outrage? It's really hard to believe people out there defend this sick shit. That is so disturbing. I want to see it crash and burn.