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I made a thread about it a year ago: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1960628

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/u/PollyPeterson is a part of a very large voat spamming ring that was mostly active during the Vegas shooting. They've become increasingly active the last few weeks and now have gone into full spam mode again, this time using the Hollywood pedo shit that has hit the news cycle. They seem to be posting a whole bunch today, probably farming scp/ccp.

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Thanks again. I remember them now.

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This is the Polly that claims to be Marina A. neice.

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Loveablesatan told me today that Marina was their mom.

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I wonder if this blind is about Steve O with "Jackass" being his thing that people know him for?


This celebrity was probably A- list at his peak. Even now, because of his name you would probably know him. He kind of has a thing which makes him a celebrity. Without that thing, no one would know who he was and we wouldn't be talking about his love of underage kids that he likes to molest and force himself on. The crazy thing is that he has had at least two celebrity girlfriends help him find his young victims. Both of them are complicit.


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I tried to tie Steve o to this blind by trying to figure out who the girlfriends are. Steve o dated a porn star named "Dee". She was previously married to a man who was convicted of being a pedo. She could be the first girlfriend from the blind. As far as the second girlfriend, it could be Kay Von D. The two dated and she is well known in LA. That could be the reference to her "street cared" that helped allow her find teens to rape.


Edit*** I don't think it was Dee for the first girlfriend. Her pedo wasn't A list. Sounds like the CDANers are going with a former Clooney girlfriend and Clooney as the A lister! Wow!

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I was definitely thinking Kat Von D for the GF. She has the street cred that is mentioned and has a tattoo parlor in the area where these runaways gravitate towards. I could see kids thinking it was safe to hang out with her and that she would help them.

The Clooney stuff is ridiculous. The same people throw his name out for every blind. The clues don't fit and it doesn't make any sense. Clooney's thing according to ENTY is supposed to be that he is gay and has a BF and his wife is a beard. His supposed BF also has a high profile wife as a beard (initials of wife CC).

Kat Von D's previous BF's include some real scum bags. I would look at them to find the possible other pedo.

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And you thought drinking Horse Semen was the most disgusting thing he did on Jackass!! THEY WILL ALL SOON BE TREATED LIKE ACOSTA AT A TRUMP RALLYSOON WHENEVER THEY ARE IN PUBLIC!!

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https://archive.fo/VCl5l :

Magic Motherboard Productions on Twitter: "Warning graphic: Steve-O had a tattoo of a man raping an infant. His tweets talking about it are still up.👇🏻 Time to go to bed, I feel so sick I could throw up. God help us please — it never ends! 😫 #Pizzagate #QAnon #Pedogate t.co/xIpEJPEuNC"

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doesnt say much for the tattoo artist they should have said no thats child porn i'm not doing that ....... you big pedo cunt