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Agent provocateur. Send someone in with zero credibility, and make all these crazy claims, and then have him implode that makes everyone forget about the real stuff that is happening. now anyone that tries to root out pedo in Hollywood will be lumped in with this lying POS.

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The validity of our claims that he's appropriated go down with him.

And the worst part is these lying POS's will garner sympathy from the masses about being lied about and called bad names.

Psy-ops at its worst.

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This needs to be the top comment. I don't understand why people on forums like this keep falling for the same scams. Leave that stuff for normies/sheeple. By now, one needs to have developed a 'nose' for psyops.

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For reference, OP is a month old user who has spent basically the entirety of his time on Voat blocking peope and throwing a tantrum about Isaac Kappy.

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I wonder how much he's being paid by David Brock and co?

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Here is a video with TMZ article and Daily Mail article about him he will be arrested soon and his threats used to discredit us.


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It's what the sane among us have been saying all along. And he did admit to reaching out to PARIS?!!!!


I feel I must address this: Regarding the Paris accusations. I reached out to her privately yesterday and told her I didn't want her to be involved in this situation. This is a textbook case of character assassination. That being said, there is A LOT more to the story...

He's a freakin' nothing burger! How does he get to reach out privately to someone like Paris Jackson? Hello?!!! Are people's brains kicking in here? Could one of us reached out privately to Paris Jackson? But he's denying seeing her?!!!


First off, I haven't seen Paris in over a year. 4:54 PM - 1 Aug 2018

Really? But he has her private info for an intimate call?

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The whole story about Seth Green was beyond retarded as well. Why would Seth offer up a house and a car (or whatever the claim was- it was a lot of $$$) just to get this clown into pedo shit? What does he bring to the table they don't already have with producers, directors etc.? He is a nobody and would be a complete liability for them.

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He could have Paris Jackson’s private info how do you know he doesn’t? I think of her father Michael and how he was destroyed for allegations he was a pedophile. Since I have read he wasn’t, but was trying to protect the children from all of the other pedophiles. So in that regard, if this is what Isaac Kappy is doing, then its potentially reasonable that he would be in communication with Paris Jackson . Again how do we know? We don’t. But it’s just as plausible and reasonable as not.

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I am personally going to wait on pronouncing Kappy a crazy lying n’erdowell OR the gutsy (albeit crazy) voice crying out in the Hellywierd wilderness. When I saw him on Alex Jones today I thought he looked relatively grounded. (Note: First time ever I’ve watched an entire Alex Jones show. He appeared much crazier than Isaac Kappy did. Very rude man.). I couldn’t say that about Kappy before (he earlier seemed wired on meth or? Whatever hiding his giant pupils behind sunglasses) but I gave him the benefit thinking this man has got to be scared out of his mind. Now I’m tending to think that big bucks are being spent to shut him up and make him appear as though he’s crazy. I’m going to wait and see.

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Approximately 14 minutes in. Kappy looks more grounded in this than I’ve seen him look or sound before. I’ve chocked that up to him VERY LIKELY being probably scared out of his mind - that it took a ton of adrenaline (adrenochrome) for him to come out on this. For what purpose? Even reading that letter he wrote to Seth and his wife Clare shows me that he cared about their friendship but he absolutely abhores what Hellyweird allegedly hides in their underbelly.


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Links to Tweets aren't proof of anything

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Please just shut up.

We don't need you to daily tell us Isaac is crazy or a psyop.

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I CALL BULLSHIT! He's an ACTOR who was sent to destroy longtime movement personalities like Liz, and to make the rest of us look like PizzaGate-Tards fools. He gets MORE mainstream attn than any of the others he's attacking put together??? HE IS A SHILL AND A PLANT TO DESTROY OUR CREDIBILITY!

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