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Most artists who use their imaginations to entertain kids are or become pedophiles. Disney? Oh yeah, big time pedo grooming company. Clowns. Magicians. Puppeteers. Candy store owners. Toy store owners.

You would be surprised at how much the MSM lies about the real reasons for many deaths and disappearances. Even more surprising was the amount of psychologists and psychiatrists that are jewish, freemasons, mormons, scientologists, they all have their own doctors to treat those kids who are being abused if they talk or show signs they might talk. If so, they get drugged to make them seem semi-retarded so they lose their credibility if it goes to court. The parents are usually members and in on it. Sometimes their kids are punished if their parents screw up or break a rule within the particular cult they are in.

Disney is the one who hires the largest amount of fuckos, pushing LGBT stuff in every kid's show. Poor Walt is spinning in his grave.

I remember the first MLP in the 80s, it went from "be yourself, love your friends, be proud of your family" to "having borders is mean, also lesbian ponies should be accepted now".

I let my kids watch the old Hanna Barbara cartoons and lots from the old Looney Tunes creators. Also Depatie/Freleng shows are great. You've got lots of patriotism, classic steorotypes of different nationalities and ethnicities, and much more poltically incorrect honest humor.

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Some more information for you all - former R/Canada Mod sentenced to prison for creating cartoon child porn.

The dude was a reddit mod!!!

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Can you find and share a link to a news article about this?

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Walt was a pedo.

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Veggie Tales before Disney bought them and removed all the references to God.

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Eh? The new MLP is for open borders crap?

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28 months? Ok Cana-duh

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This is so sick. So very sick. 28 mos? 28 years is more like it. What do you think he will be doing when he gets out? I hope no phones are allowed in the jail. Pedos are extremely manipulative and expert groomers, not of just children, but adults as well. He has groomed himself as well by believing he is not a pedo, oh yeah, that's why he has so many pics and vids. I get it. Yeah. Another Bleeping Narcissist.

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Agreed. The silver lining is that if he gets anywhere near general population they will shank this fucker and justice will be served.

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I have discovered I have a new found agreement to violence when it comes to these pedos. Let them have at him.

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I work in a prison. That really doesn't happen anymore. The amount of incarcerated child molesters is staggering these days and they are not being shanked or made into someone's bitch. I know many enjoy this fantasy, but it's just that, a fantasy. Being victimized in prison has everything to do with your behavior and demeanor and rarely anything to do with your offense. I would not look to the penal system for vigilante justice.

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I and many others stand shoulder to shoulder behind you Carmencita! Against these MONSTERS! I own my house outright, and my wife & adult son are both better shots than I. That's why I pity the idiot that comes looking for trouble in our little corner of the USA!!

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I just don't get it that there are not people outside the court and screaming. Are they waiting til he gets at one of THEIR kids? This will only embolden him. SMH.

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Is nothing sacred? I'm so sick of these bastards. I watch TV with my 6 year old daughter, thanks to these scumbags I'm constantly looking for pedo shit symbolism. Often find it, like Nella the Princess Knight. It's so blatant.

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Is nothing sacred?

Nothing is, nothing is off limit anymore, since "we killed god", and that's also the problem


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'When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.'

-G.K. Chesterton

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Nietzsche was such a bad ass. Like a real life Tyler Durden with his words.

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That's the full quote? That's just being an edgelord.

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Can I just point out that STRESS DOESN'T CAUSE PEDOPHILIA!! And neither does porn "addiction". Glad to see the judge agrees in this instance.

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I can hear them whispering from here -

"Yesss goy, pleassse enjoy paying for our jew-doo magiks".

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Fucking shocker that it's a MLP fag.

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These adult men call themselves Bronies.

The friends we spoke with said Bronies are often accused of being pedophiles - a claim they say is unfair and makes no sense. They say the fascination with the show comes first and foremost for the "beautiful" animation

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Interesting. Do you know whether steganography is actuallly being used in cartoons? If so, I think that warrants a separate post. Subliminal message inserts are likely part of the mix.

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Oh gosh, when you literally think it cannot get any worse! Their sick evil has no depths.

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That I don't know, but if Bronies exchange their favorite jpgs...?

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