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We can safely ignore him and continue to look for evidence.

While he hasn't provided any proof, the things he stated I did already suspect.

I just don't feel a strong urge to cast him down. Who would, and why?

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Well, he claims to get his knowledge from being a Hollywood insider, which he obviously isn't, since he obviously hasn't gotten the names from insider knowledge, but rather from reading v/pizzagate and CDAN.

Imo everybody who clearly lies should be outed as being suspicious - before he becomes a household name for 'exposing' people, and posts crap. And then people might believe him since he was thought to be legit.

I'm a bit tired of these kind of people.

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Yeah Kappy is a strange character but he seems harmless enough and I don't want to attack him. Maybe someone can just straight up ask him how he knows all this information and if he is getting it from following Pizzagate ,CDAN, the chans etc. If he admits it and clears it up with his audience, that would help.

The problem is there are so many hanging on his every word. So when someone asks him about Tom Hanks and he is like yeah, dude is a pedo. They run out and spread it everywhere and portray it as exclusive info from a Hollywood insider.

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Gullible people are hailing him as some sort of savior, begging him to look into this and look into that like he has special powers. It's gross. Also if he's controlled opp, which seems possible, then we absolutely must not treat him as harmless. This is a war, people.

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It's not casting him down. But you really have to make sure that he doesn't get traction in the validity department.

If it's clear what he is, people can do what they like -- even ignore the evidence. But it's on them, and not the community fighting so hard for truth.

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Great work! I completely agree. I posted this yesterday:

Other than his info about Seth and the other handful people he knows from that group. Kappy really doesn't have any other insider info. He has talked about spending a lot of time on the chans . He said he has been following Q and pizzagate since the beginning. Quite a bit of the info Kappy drops, is just things he as put together from following these boards. He is not bringing these names up, people are asking him what to do you know about Hanks, Spielberg, etc. and he just responding with stuff he has read about them over the last couple of years. Think of it like having a live chat with a fellow pizzagater and asking them what do you know about Marina Abramović, you would respond with she is a Satanist, friends with Podesta and hosts Spirit Cooking dinners. That doesn't mean you run with and have insider knowledge of her, you just know this about her because you have followed this shit for awhile.

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Healthy skepticism. While we're pretty open about accepting help, this is not helpful. Not.

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You're very light on hard evidence and very heavy on emotional appeal here.

  • 'Our' names? Are you serious? Evidence doesn't belong to anyone. These are people he's met and some of them he knows. Nobody has a monopoly on names.
  • You believe this guy is associated with a huge powerful name that you won't name but it could be a CIA, religious or cabal but you don't know? This shouldn't be in here unless you can tell us.
  • You say he's a nothing-burger actor. So what? He would be the first to tell you that but he clearly moves in Hollywood circles.
  • He wasn't an activist in 2016 and 2017 because he only had his epiphany ten days ago.
  • Him defending Roseanne on Twitter because he wants to is not a 'trigger' nor is it anything suspicious. Neither is a sparse Twitter account. I had one for years before Q started posting in October.
  • The rest of your post is about other people's photos. Your point is...?
  • You don't mention Seth Green or Clare Grant or any of the other stuff he's dropped which was certainly news to me and to /pol/.

Let's look at some real facts about what Kappy has done in less than two weeks:

  • named names using his real name and his face in public, daring anyone he's named to come after him. That takes courage.
  • called out Seth Green for hiding trafficked kids behind his bookcase. This is an extremely specific accusation that can be checked.
  • called out Corey for his fake campaign to raise awareness.
  • doesn't want money. He did at first and then realized it would look bad so he dropped the request immediately.
  • wants abuse survivors to come forward and tell their stories.
  • has had assurances from serious people that he is now being protected.
  • despite being Jewish, has called out the secret pedo cult within Judaism as being the real problem and implored other Jewish people to police their own ranks. This is a really big deal.

How could this possibly be a psyop? It's stupid if it is. Why would a psyop name Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Seth Green, Dan Schneider and a whole bunch of others in order to distract citizen investigations? I don't get it.

Having watched all his videos and checked out the various things he mentions (all accurate), I think he's telling the truth and will provide useful information in the future. I really don't see the big psyop in his story: this is an ordinary bit part actor who's rubbed shoulders with the pedo elites, various alarm bells have been ringing for him until finally last week he has enough and starts calling them out because he can't live with the knowledge any more. His body language and emotions confirm this.

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Thank you for stating this @paulf!

I think it's very alarming, and telling, that certain members are doing their utmost to "debunk" Isaac.

Isaac is using his very much public platform to redpill people who, dun dun dun, are not frequent Voat visitors, or members.

I have a hell of a lot of respect for Isaac. Seems to me though that [certain] folks on here would only be thankful for Isaac redpilling is if he were 'offed' to "prove" he was legit. Which, hello, yes he is.

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Indeed. Agreed!

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Exactly! Well said.

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I agree

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Questioning and skepticism are important in this world now...very important. I want to believe that what I see is true and that everyone who is coming forward is telling the truth. But I cannot give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Must question and be skeptical....always.

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Especially when the stakes are this high.

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Isn't #SayBraveThings a handle that SarahRuthAshcraft created? A SRA survivor?

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SarahRuthAshcraft - the clue is in the name. Initials SRA, 3 words, ash craft as in 'the craft'. The usual psyop calling cards. I'd advise caution (to put it mildly/kindly).

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Well, what I certainly don't believe is the stuff about the 'Hivites' she posted. Thanks for pöinting out that 'craft' is part of the name. Had realized the 'SRA', but not the meaning of 'craft' in the surname.

It's suspicious that she supports Isaac Kappy imo. (Same applies to Fiona Barnett, I'm afraid.)

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@think- Yes, it is.

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Yes. He’s reaching out to and aligning himself with SRA survivors like Sarah.

[–] think- 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Even more suspicious imo.

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That I'm not sure.

If it is, does this signal that he's also recruited SarahRuthAshcraft? Or is he just using it to promote himself under the guise of promoting her?

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I think the latter. To give him credibility. Don't know why Fiona Barnett feels the need to support him.

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I'm not sure whether Kappy just wants to have his five minutes of 'fame', or whether he's trying to muddy the waters.

Anyway, he seems to have put together a list of names that can be found on v/pizzagate and in the comment section of the CDAN blinds.

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He sends off some really weird vibes to me. There is some really weird stuff on his instagram. On the edge.

[–] notagame [S] 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Exactly. Nothing new. Just repeating ... parroting. He doesn't even say where he saw this stuff ... who told him about him.

Nope ... not buying it.

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Not sure of kappy, but that list explains Jeff Koons role, and possibly even Pee Wee Herman. Ruebens? We have already tied Berny with the Pedos, so there is that.

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Roman Abramovic is member of the Committee of 300? Interesting....

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Did you see the list??

A veritable 'who's who' of Trump haters and Satanic Order Elites

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Thanks! Now if can only get enough votes so people see it.

Chelsea? Oh, THAT Chelsea!!! Duh! Appreciate it.

Yeah, this guy is scummy.

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https://archive.fo/kFjpm :

Fiona Barnett on Twitter: "@IsaacKappy Hey Isaac, this is Fiona Barnett, Australian victim of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA. I support your efforts! Thank you for exposing what happened to us as kids."

https://archive.fo/LliPp :

Isaac Kappy on Twitter: "Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse? Please make a video detailing your story. I know it will be hard, but it is necessary. Please upload and share with the hashtag #SurvivorStories #SayBraveThings"

None :

https://archive.fo/zgzy4 :

from:IsaacKappy since:2015-01-01 until:2015-12-31 - Twitter Search

https://files.catbox.moe/4ttfk5.jpg :

https://files.catbox.moe/ykd60l.jpg :

https://archive.fo/CoyA9 :

from:IsaacKappy since:2017-01-01 until:2018-05-31 - Twitter Search

https://files.catbox.moe/ccs9i6.jpg :

https://files.catbox.moe/9fdjwr.jpg :

https://files.catbox.moe/hl2mvb.jpg :

https://files.catbox.moe/2vnhv7.jpg :

https://archive.fo/nbQiJ :

Hollywood's favourite photographer Tyler Shields on those Lindsay Lohan photos | Daily Mail Online

None :

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