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Considering that pornography addiction is a progressive illness and ends with pedophilia (in many but not all people), it is particularly concerning that our society has such lax attitudes about it.


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To clarify, I think that going forward the number of people who become greater sexual deviants due to pornography will increase as our collective/national situation worsens. There are several paths to pedophilia and one of them is via severe pornography addiction, which in many people is a progressive illness, kind of like cocaine or something like that. Where softcore pornography will no longer release enough dopamine in the target's brain, they may gradually transition to watching hardcore porn, then fetish material, then BDSM and then worse things still. Not because they necessarily normally want to, but because their Limbic Center of the Brain has been compromised by their severe addiction. Apparently, this type of illness is curable -- I've heard that Amino Acid Therapy has been purported to be able to restore the depleted neurotransmitters in the Target's brain, causing them to go back to regular life with (usually) only partial relapse with regular porn. Here are the relevant links to some information regarding curing porn addiction (by Wholehealthrecovery):