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I agree all too depressing. This is why Satanism has been so heavily pushed. They are all about this porn and hoping to push it on Our Children and then open them up to the hard corn porn found on the internet. We know that some pedos say they only watch adult porn and not kids, but we also know that it is just a step away. So what is to keep Our Children from reaching that one step beyond as well. Sick and Sad and Oh So Frustrating.


[–] JohnDavidPodesta 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago  (edited ago)

Carmencita it is my understanding you are a Catholic, well something which isn't mentioned nearly often enough is the original depiction of Satan as God's Chief Advocate, Accuser and Executioner. The highest ranking angel is the Seraphim, with six wings. Seraphim are defined as "serpent" and hence where the amalgamation of the characters' role comes into play.


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Carmencita it is my understanding you are a Catholic

Really? How did you come to that conclusion, Skippy? After all, you have only been here barely 2 hours. 0_o


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God through out the devil ages ago. I don't go to church and have not read up on the teachings for years. I know what is in my heart and I pray every day. Not to the devil to God and His Mother Mary. That keeps me busy enough besides being on here every day on and off.