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Tony has never had a problem engaging with attractive women. Well ownership of those pieces was something of an art piece in itself, according to Tony, I'm not going to attempt to drive the point home here about it, you can put the pieces together sufficiently if you try. It's not difficult.

Do you mind divulging which role you are libelling me with currently, with regards to Elsagate? I don't work for youtube, I don't even work for the DNC which I see written constantly in relation to the tragic death of Seth Rich. I have part ownership of the Pastorum Group who work with Seth's family, I mean come on. Are you trying to suggest they are also involved? How about letting them grieve in peace like any decent human being would.

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Evidently as Elvis, he has left the building. When things get tough they scram. Oh so much sounds like the real jdp. My mind also quickly went to the Fatherhood video. Yes, he is trying to extricate himself any way he can because of that vid. He wants no one to link him to it or youtube. Amazing. The Pastorum Group that sounds a little like.....The Podesta Group. Hmm.