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Im too tired this AM.to repeat my response to your prior post other than to say that obcenity laws are nearly impossible to.enforce. I would welcome laws which.some how address access by children to.SRA content even if they prove equally.difficult to enforce., if for no other reason than to.establish a "community standard." Abramovic may be the darling of left wingers and museum curators (who.also like Jeff Koon's "art" ).. All I know.is I would never take my children to.see her nude performances or her blood on the wall performances or her cannabalism performances. And I only learned about this wench via Pizzagate.

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Goes to show the law is an ass... Lawyers will not admit that the name we carry around is a separate entity to the flesh and blood man..it functions as a trust ... I spoke to a lawyer about this ...and found her ...an adult woman...literally biting her nails...like a child...

Lawyers are one of the only group cursed by Jesus Christ...woe unto ye lawyers...

All countries operate under roman war occupation law.. ..with civil law..a cover for the administration of this military occupation... The remedy is to get out of the war jursidiction ...not stay inside it ..and be controlled by the pedo freaks...who control the parliaments and assemblies all across the planet..the laws are written by lawyers
Dum diversas is the basis where they get their power from..all international experts acknowledge it isnthe basis of international law ..which by defintion is trade law... Lawyers whonbelieve in the military occupation ..and apologise for it ...are the problem ..not the solution to activating universal jurisdiction over each public official .. https://youtu.be/Z4pFuXbA130

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Well.there is some validity to your opinion. I have always said that lawyers are the "witch doctors" of society as we have a good handle on the hidden machinations of the world and can engage in some hocus-pocus for the benefit of those who.pay us. On the other hand, when someone is in trouble, boy do they come arunnin' to us!

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I saw something about this yesterday. If this is true, it is the best news ever. They were banking on us not knowing. Thank You Polly P.

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They were banking on us not knowing.

This is an amazing comment.

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Yes, isn't it. Amazing because it is true. This country is asleep, that's why.

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@Pizzalawyer @truthdemon @enigmatic_continuum

Let's make something very clear shall we? I am not nor have I ever been a pedophile.
Second of all, for a lawyer your insights are innumerably ostensible and and at times flagrantly fictitious, not a good look.

You all seem to fail to grasp the initial point that, these tweets and the Esla channels constitute directly as a form of child pornography. Could we at least attempt to include that in our actionable data?

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The name on the account is why he wants to respond in the deleted one. Most possibly the real jdp.

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Tony has never had a problem engaging with attractive women. Well ownership of those pieces was something of an art piece in itself, according to Tony, I'm not going to attempt to drive the point home here about it, you can put the pieces together sufficiently if you try. It's not difficult.

Do you mind divulging which role you are libelling me with currently, with regards to Elsagate? I don't work for youtube, I don't even work for the DNC which I see written constantly in relation to the tragic death of Seth Rich. I have part ownership of the Pastorum Group who work with Seth's family, I mean come on. Are you trying to suggest they are also involved? How about letting them grieve in peace like any decent human being would.

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It's because they don't really seek solutions, they enjoy obfuscation and stereotyping.

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So MA niece is of the “ Jain “ faith . What is that ? I didn’t read all of it because the flag has a Swastika on it . We will forever be called nazis (Dan Harmon calling 29% of us nazis comes to mind ) if we have anything to do with this symbol . We can just use the knew found knowledge on obscenity law . We don’t need her .


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Ouch. Ghandi was a Jain and we share the same personality type. You have hurt me.

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I didn’t mean to hurt you . I’m stating facts . We have all been hurt by the lies of Babylon the Great ! Or in other words “ the world empire of false religion “ Ghandi was a man . We’re not supposed to worship anyone but the God who’s name can be found at psalms 83:18 . But we have free will and are not forced to worship the only true God . We have a choice .

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Exactly ! And it’s nice to see that you know the difference between “ gods “ and “ God “ the capatilzation of the “ G “ is refering only to God the almighty , the creator of the earth , and us ! This is why so many don’t call God by his name . They removed it from the Bible ! Over 7 k times Gods name was in the Bible and the Jews replaced it with the title “ LORD “ ! This is also a rabbit hole worth digging on . You can usually still find Gods name at Psalms 83:18 in most Bibles . Sorry to go off on another subject , but your comment brought that to mind 🙂

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Marina Abramovic's niece is named Polly Peterson? And lives in Minnesota? Color me doubtful. EDIT: actually the posts you link to don't seem to say that at all. Where is this coming from?

This is related to Pizzagate because Peterson is stating that there are no laws that protect obscene materials, which means that Abramovic and all the other elite who peddle and promote their pedo and Satanic ritual smut are able to be charged under federal laws.

The first half of that sentence is true and the second half is not. Obscene material is illegal and not protected by the 1st Ammendment, but there are very broad constitutional protections. I don't know what you consider smut, but the hardcore porn industry is flourishing with legal protections.

I don't know who Peterson is, but she doesn't seem to know obscenity law, one of the judicial tests is "whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." (reading the linked post she does mention this) Abramovic's work has been shown in musuems the world over. There's a picture of her wearing what pizzagate folk claim is an upside down Satanic Cross. It's actually her wearing Austria's highest medal for the arts. Peterson either doesn't know the case history of obscenity law or she is deceiving people and giving them false hope. Abramovic is not going on trial.

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Again, if you doubt the messenger, please stick to analyzing the info she provided. Please see my other comments in this thread.

I did both. And when I looked at the links you provided I did not see any claims that Polly Peterson was related to Marina Abramovic. So where are you getting that.

US First Amendment law and obscenity law is a well known subject. When something is well known you don't need to link to it. Here's where I analyzed her argument and back it up.

Obscene material is illegal and not protected by the 1st Amendment, but there are very broad constitutional protections. I don't know what you consider smut, but the hardcore porn industry is flourishing with legal protections.

My point was someone on this board thinking something is disgusting doesn't make it illegal. Lots of folks here would be disgusted by hardcore porn. But hardcore porn is legal. You would have to show that Ambramovic's art is worse than hardcore porn.

I went on to quote the commonly known judicial test for obscenity, and when I read the linked post I saw that she quoted this as well. So are both talking about the same thing, we are disagreeing on what that means

but she doesn't seem to know obscenity law, one of the judicial tests is "whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."

An Abramovic obsenity trial for her peformance art would never even get out of a grand jury, let alone go all the way to conviction. Ambramovic's work does contain artistic value. Full Stop. If there ever was a trial, should could call upon art critics and museum curators from the world over to talk about her work.

If you can't get a conviction on any of the thousands of hardcore porn movies made in 2018, you are not going to get a conviction of Marina Ambramovic because the bar is even higher with her. Here's the list of Artstic Awards she has won in her career.

Awards Golden Lion, XLVII Venice Biennale,

Niedersächsischer Kunstpreis

New York Dance and Performance Awards

International Association of Art Critics, Best Show in a Commercial Gallery Award,

Austrian Decoration for Science and Art

Honorary Doctorate of Arts, University of Plymouth UK,

Cultural Leadership Award, American Federation of Arts,

Honorary Doctorate of Arts, Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba,

'July 13' Lifetime Achievement Awards, Podgorica, Montenegro,

Berliner Bear

Peabody Award

(In Short the pizzagate community has seriously caricatured what she does and flat out lied in other cases. In the real world, she will never be prosecuted for this. Certainly not under US laws.)

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You honestly don't have the first clue about what you are talking about.

We're not talking about Marina's art. We are talking about the obscene tweets being made by celebrities and Elsagate as the root of the discussion here.

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Anybody ever consider that maybe you shouldn't rush to get affiliated with a blood relative of a satanic priestess just because she told you about some case law from 1973??

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Why would I ignore her status as a blood relative of abramovich???

We don't know by which corruption vector these people operate...