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Do you know exactly what this says? @Pizzalawyer please look at this . I think this means Marina A can get in big trouble for her disgusting art , as well as all the others ? Because most people find it offensive and it’s illigal ? Did I get that right ?


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Well I would have to dig deeper on this matter to give a proper answer. But there is this seldom used concept of "private attorney general" where a private citizen can bring a civil action to enforce the law when the public attorney general fails to do so. We rate movies, dont we, for sexual or violent content. Why is there no.enforceable rating for Internet material. Anyone can google Stormy Daniels nude photos and thereby discover a cashe of images that would make Hugh Hefner blush if he were alive.

The statutes cited above seem to.refer to.modes of labeling content that entices children, rather than censoring or prohibiting such content. Its a very sticky issue and ultimately it falls upon parents to monitor computer use, movies, etc. Obscenity is so out of control, it is impossible to enforce the well meaning laws. We cant even keep.up with the pedophile problem which is more harmful..

Interesting to know that Marina has relatives in the USA. Marina does live shows; can she be stopped like lap.dancers in a bar? Perhaps she can be labeled X rated and keep children away. Maybe we need new laws re: SRA though Satanism alone would probably be protected under religious freedom. Sigh.. .its all.too depressing.


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Always appreciate your input 🙂 thank you . Yes very depressing. I guess that’s where it comes down to our own free will . God doesn’t force us to worship him . We have that choice . They choose to worship his adversary , but satan and all his worshipers will be erased from this earth soon ! Psalms 37:10 Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, And they will not be there.


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Pizzalawyer, Abramovic is not a satanist and is a world renown artist. There's not possible obscenity case against her.

If you actually want to learn about the real Abarmovic, I suggest you watch this documentary. The pizzagate portrayal of her is a myth, a caricature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcmcEZxdlv4


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hi @Enigmatic_Continuum,

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