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He's a sick fuck.

Saw a gif of his "cartoons" on Twitter and nearly threw up. How does that pass for comedy?

He's deranged ... stark, raving, mad. If this is an example of the caliber of monster in this PedoCabal, you can get some idea of how mentally and physically abused those kids must be. No wonder these child stars are so messed up. How can you not be messed up when you're at the mercy of these fucking monsters.

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I saw a twitter thread from Liz Crokin involving that Isaac Kappy guy. During the times without internet and smart technology, these monsters like Steven Spielberg and company had full days with large groups of children. This is truly starting to break open and I'm glad everyone is talking about this now. This really is good vs evil.

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Yes, we're chipping away. But what happened to that child actor double? Remember how ... what was his name ... Dr. Grunge? .... Dr. somebody was going to release the name if SS didn't respond to the charges of hiring a child stand-in and then whisking him off to Asia for a year? This even though the child didn't look anything like the star? I believe the name was revealed through process of elimination ... but? You mean, that child is all grown up and not willing to talk? Why? That right there is the tipping point. If that child's parents who all but abrogated their rights and let their kid be molested are not speaking out now, then when?

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This really is good vs evil.

Yep it is. It is also Christianity versus the Talmud.

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They want you dead and your children raped and enslaved. Act accordingly!

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It was on Election Night, that they realized this day would come...


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So... if you are baby fucker...

Nearly a day after the video surfaced, Adult Swim in a statement said that they would stand by Harmon and that they had no intentions of firing him.[32]


Then it's totally okay to express your personal views.

But if you are against genital mutilation...


Then you are fired the next day -- https://hooktube.com/watch?v=WHBEoQHvvP0

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Adult Swim CEO Bruce Taylor has a rather goyish name, but he sure loves his BAGELS. Hmmmm. Look at that ecstatic (((audience))).


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This guy needs to be Taken Down. I don't mean his demise. That will take US down. NO. Viral Memes on Twitter. I don't care what it takes. We have to keep at him and THEM. Adult Swim is not backing down so they are a Large Part of the Problem.

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Once again the (((eternal enemy))) wants to gulag those who oppose his vile ways.

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Harmon and the rest of the pedos deserve this far more than this girl.

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He's desperate. Just like Silverman and the other Hollywood paedos.

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