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The balls on Kappy right now, holy shit! I seriously hope he has guns because he's dropping big names here and clearly doesn't give a fuck if someone comes after him to silence him. Spielberg, Hanks, King, Kimmel, Colbert, De Niro, etc. Wow. MSM are dodging this story like the plague. I wonder why?

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MSM are dodging this story like the plague. I wonder why?

Probably because they are all a bunch of damn pedophiles, video taped fucking little children.

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We know what SS has done. What will it take to finally Take Him Down? Tom Hanks is another one. We have tweets and we can post them and post them, but it will take something much bigger for their Final Take Down. Their fans are oblivious and live in a Total Vacuum.

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Who the fuck is SS?

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Thanks this is the problem with abbreviations.

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My first thought was spielberg. No one gives a shit about silverman.

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Synagogue (of) Satan.

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Sarah Silverman 😂

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Nope, I thought it was Silverman at first, but the context doesn't match. In this context my guess is Spielberg.

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Sarah Silverman

You may remember her from the 2016 DNC convention where she went on stage to tell Bernie supporters they were 'being ridiculous' for being upset about the rigged primary.

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No no, in this case they are talking about Spielberg.

Michael Jackson, etc... Says Michael hated SS

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A producer for the remake of ‘The Alamo’ saw a photo of my son who was 5 yrs old at the time. I was modeling at the time & my agent had sent in my photos & somehow added in my sons photo. The producer called me & asked me to bring my son in for a part (a young Davey Crockett) that they were thinking about adding into the movie. Something didn’t feel right about the call, so I politely declined. I now feel as though my son & I dodged a bullet.

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Did he have a jewish last name?

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First of all way to early to give credibility to anything he says. Next he seems to place all the key points to the research being done on elite child exploitation almost as a way to discredit it if he announces this is a sham. The set up seems like something a Seth Green would be a part of. Make fun of the researchers by using calculated sarcasm. He also does not have his facts straight on Michael Jackson and Stephen Spielberg. They were a really very good friends but eventually parted ways after the first allegations and Steven Spielberg not using him in the Peter Pan project. The final blow came when MJ used anti Semitic lyrics. For those who discredit the allegations what people seem to forget is that the first accusers came long before the #metoo movement and went up against the biggest celebrity of the time They received death threats, dead rodents on their doorsteps, a van trying to mow down the first accuser, the father getting beaten to a pulp outside his office, etc. The first accuser contrary to popular belief was willing and able to testify in criminal court all the family wanted was witness protection, the prosecutor refused. The first allegations happened in 1993 I wonder how far we would be today if we taken those allegations a whole lot more seriously.

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Are you saying "professional Hollywood" or pro-Hollywood?

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he's looking for somewhere to post his videos today because he's being censored everywhere if anyone has any ideas its isaac kappy at twitter

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john brennan threatened him ??? fuck ! when did that happen after brennan fired a missile at airforce one which by the way mainstream media is ignoring the big story on 9 news australia today was the obamas attending a jayz concert

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