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"First, pedophiles are not people. They're deranged monsters puked up from the bowels of hell. Hell didn't even want them, that's how bad they are!"

Amen to that @notagame!!

I sound like such a naive idiot (and really, I know I am and it's a fault my therapist says is common thanks to PTSD), but I still cannot wrap my head around the fact there are people who willingly believe that pedophilia isn't a big deal. I mean over 200k signatures on that James Gunn petition..... and I still just.... can't wrap my head around the sickness of people.

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I feel the same way, but they're brainwashed. The media plus the selective use of branding this with inflammatory terms like "racist" and "nazi" have worked. Add in the media not being the media, but propaganda and you have set the stage for this kind of lunacy. We've got to take our country back from these nutsos control. Have to. We will not get another chance.

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inflammatory terms like "racist" and "nazi"

Trigger words coming from the Tavistock and SHAEF, the propaganda unit of the military http://majestic12research.blogspot.com/2009/06/tavistock-institute.html

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Here's OUR new slogan:

"All child rapists are pedovile"

PEDOVILE: Someone who does vile things to children. No law against making up a word, eh?

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i don't think many of the people who signed Gunn's petition actually and literally think he is a pedophile

they're just polemicised by the political tempo and think the attack on Gunn is an unfounded right wing smear campaign. I'm betting most of them havent seen any or at most just one of his pro-pedo posts and wrote it off as edgy humor

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This is true. I looked in on a board that is mainly left leaning women, and the ones who looked further into what he wrote were righteously pissed and they absolutely agree that he's sick and deserved to be fired. But the ones who just read the narrative, without the tweets figure that it is an "alt-right" attack on poor Gunn and that he wrote the stuff years ago and since "changed". And that's how its largely being translated in those circles.

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and wrote it off as edgy humor

Yes, they don't think he's a pedo because they, too, are either pedos or endorse pro pedo culture like posting pedo 'jokes'.

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Don't be hard on yourself, I'm sure you're not a naieve idiot. You're awake and aware of this kind of sick garbage so you're doing something right

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they are not just deranged monsters, they are biological freaks of nature, "biofreaks" for short.

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This is war.

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I agree. This is beyond ugly. Where is everybody? Are they asleep?

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Yes, an ideological war, a war of values and a war to keep them from destroying our country. We just have to be cool and not budge an inch -- especially in the midterm elections. Don't even think of voting for a commie socialist pedo-enabler.

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pedophiles make fine neighbors/baby-sitters

Left alone I would trust my dog with a steak over a pedo with kids, and I'm 100% sure my dog would eat that steak.

rolls are out in number making pedophilia a Republican thing

Some of the repubs are definitely involved, I basically assume anyone that comes out against Trump without reason (AKA Trump derangement syndrome) is a pedo at this point. If they have a valid concern such as complaining about his support for the continuation of unconstitutional spying, that's a completely valid concern. Two scoops of ice cream and meeting with heads of state is not.

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We're pretty much in agreement.

I mean, jeez! Look at the Podesta's art collection for God's sake! Or Steve-O's tattoo ... or Lance Bangs instagram https://www.instagram.com/lancebangs/

And, yes, if someone is doing a Rob Reiner/Steven King type of rant when there's no particular reason to justify such madness, well, there's got to be a reason, doesn't there.That person immediately goes right onto my radar.

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That instagram is a whole nother' rabbit hole. The whole gang is there without finishing (some in masks). Bam Margera has been pretending to be a financial guru named Footforward on youtube. Balazcs who owns Standard Hotels, creeps me out though. The pictures of Kurt Cobain here and there. He seems like the financial operator of this gay, trendy, punk scene now. Standard hotels, but that Chateau Marmont keeps popping up in a pattern with the pictures like a code. It was built to be earthquake proof, sold for 750,000 in 1926 to 31. For investment purposes I am going with 26'. $100.00 in 1926 had the same buying power as $1,377.23 in 2018. That $750,000 would be, ... broke my small handheld calculator.

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Ha! Like this.

They're beneath scum. I have no sympathy for a HUMAN that ruins a child's life. NONE so those satanist/commie/socialist/cabalists better not try that shit with me.

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Fuck... Oregon is such an awesome place. I'm tellin' ya. We need some good solid whites here to take this place back. The faggots and rapists took portland and eugene but this states population is SOOOOO LOW... It would take only a minimal migration of people to flip this state relative to others with huge populations. If you hate your liberal shithole and don't want to move to North Dakota, come to Oregon. LOTS of red counties and lots of country people. Loggers and fishermen and sawmill guys and farmers. Housing prices are insane, this is true but fuck it, just buy some bare land that is zoned out of residential building and squat on it. Tons of people do that here. Its EASYYY They never check because they want the hippies here in droves to vote liptard. Well, fuck it, lets do the same shit. All you good conservative white gun lovers in Cali cities.. Fuck that place and come here. You will not take it back any time soon but Oregon could be taken in a hot-minute.

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Oregon is amazing. We need more conservatives.

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Bring them... I fight for it every day.

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Ha and I'm a total deadhead fit for Oregon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ7FH9Y2aUQ

Yet I'm full on PG. probably even more than Blacksmith! I've got doctrates and can research, How much is a plot, Brother?

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Absolutely MAGA hatters need to MOVE to Cali and Oregon ... go anywhere where this vermin has proliferated. Don't runaway. Go there and settle and encourage more to do so.

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This pedo push will backfire HARD.

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Not amongst the people I know.

I'm telling you they are brainwashed and their mental faculties are being controlled. There is no coherent thought other than what they're told. It's like a shield is up to prevent the truth from getting in.

It's scary.

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I've noticed this too and it's almost unbelievable. I never thought people could be this brainwashed.

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This is highly disturbing. I can only hope half chan is behind this.

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It really is.

Disgusting how they're corrupting innocent minds through this garbage. Pedos are these kids worst nightmare, but packaging it in this way ... really diabolical.

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https://archive.fo/8Gl1z :

EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of locked up sex offenders among those granted conditional pardons by Gov. Cuomo so they can vote - NY Daily News

https://archive.fo/wrABI :

KATU News - WEST LINN & OREGON CITY RESIDENTS: Have you... | Facebook

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mj12research - https://archive.fo/g2hq3

csaprimaryprevention - https://archive.fo/UwV3M

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