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I think he went through a satanic ritual with Oprah as the Satanic Priestess and her lesbian lover Gayle King and others assembled to initiate Tom into a satanic cult and if he is exposed as a pedophile it will be a nuclear bomb on Hollywood.

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How I wish I was tech savvy. Someone should create an Instagram account that features all the accumulated black eyes that can be found...let the sheer number of photos raise an eyebrow or two.

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Fellowship of the Minds had a compilation of those in what they call the 'Black Eye Club':


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many thanks

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Curious.. What about creating an Instagram account would require someone to be tech savvy?

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im approaching 70yo and still learning how to use a cell phone. Alot of professionals, some very smart and very successful, relied on staff for decades to handle the everchanging world of computers and now find ourselves hopelessly behind. I rely on younger family members to help me with even cell phone functions, like getting on board with Craigslist or Uber. It must sound silly to the rest of you. On the otherhand, I asked my son to check the oil in my car before taking a trip and after much avoidant behavior he admitted he didnt know how to do that. Im certain I taught him that task decades ago when he was in high school. One of us forgot! I really do admire the computer skills of Pizzagaters and hope to see them change the world while Im still alive.

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@matheasysolutions has the most comprehensive collection of them. Maybe Matt has a few minutes to publish his collection.

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ahhh yes. THE most comprehensive indeed: https://mes.fm/eyes. And yes publishing it a Textbook style is going to be life goal of mine! #TheBIGBookOfEyes

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Any idea when the picture was taken?

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Yeah, I'm curious about that, too.

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theres a cdan post where reese witherspoon put off the black eye thing because she was scared of the pain and then after she had it done she was the go to person for everybody because she breezed through it

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Great catch.

Very disturbing.

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https://files.catbox.moe/747xac.jpg :

https://snew.github.io/r/greatawakening/comments/92gz4m/on_the_heels_of_sarah_ashcrafts_post_about_tom/ :

On the heels of Sarah Ashcraft’s post about Tom Hanks here is a disgusting photo of him and Oprah THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK 🤬 : greatawakening

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dailymail - https://archive.fo/T3nuy

fellowshipoftheminds - https://archive.fo/PAABz

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Bruising the eye is a freemason ritual. Tom has was born into freemasonry.

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