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In the book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", Hunter S Thompson talks about the best drug known to man, human adrenochrome, extracted from a humans adrenaline gland. He says he got it from some satanists. Which creepily lines up with SRA and the terror they like to induce on their victims to get as much adrenaline pumping as possible.

When they drink the victims blood, they get a high from it. If that's not a collaborating fact, I'm not sure what is.

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That scene is in the movie with Johnny Depp he drips adrenachrome into his mouth and starts tripping out.

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In the scene, Depp's co-star is saying he got the Adrenochrome from a "Satanist freak" who was convicted of being a child molester. You have to really listen to hear all the dialogue because both characters sound messed up and slurred through most of the film.

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Have you seen silicon valley on HBO? There is an episode where the rich guy transfer blood from a fit younger trainer. My guess is they hook people up to these machines and torture them while the blood transfers.

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peter thiel is advocating that be done legally now he is into young blood transfusions they are all into it now.

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fellowshipoftheminds - https://archive.fo/P2O3h

"Hunter S. Thompson’s $3 million funeral was paid for by “close pal” Johnny Depp, and attended by 280 people, including U.S. Senators John Kerry and George McGovern; 60 Minutes correspondents Ed Bradley and Charlie Rose; and actors Jack Nicholson, John Cusack, Bill Murray, Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, and Josh Hartnett."

independent - https://archive.fo/yXRQG

tonic - https://archive.fo/LOJhM

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Depp helped get those satanist out of jail for killing those boys.

Depp not looking too good these days

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There is a famous photo of hst and McGovern, a few rumors too.

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Hunter S Thompson killed himself at his home called "Owl Farm"?? Guess Molech Farm isn't as catchy!

He shot himself while his son, son's wife, and young grandson were visiting him. Seems like odd timing to kill yourself.


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... And this, people, is why we continue to fight, to spend time reading about these horrors, to endure ridicule from the uninformed, the lazy. This is the stuff that will never be accepted by any with a shred of humanity in their hearts.

Continue to research, learn, speak effectively to any and all who might show a spark of receptivity.

We ARE winning. Failure to stop these atrocities is not an option.

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well said.

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We are not winning. We have chose the option that you said is not an option. We have stopped nothing, attempted nothing. We are not winning.

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Keep your chin up. People are starting to awaken.

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The most notable info on Hunter comes from The Franklin Scandal. He is THE snuff film director of the 20th century. No wonder he had such a star studded funeral.

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hmm..I always felt that he committed suicide because he couldnt outrun the demons torturing his brain as a result of the depravities he witnessed and participated in. There is a long running debate amongst journalists regarding the ethics of "objective" reporting of horrid events that were going to occur whether or not the journalist was present versus impacting and perhaps even encouraging the event by the mere act of reporting.

Bonaci's description of HST's witnessing the post-rape murder of a young boy in the Nevada desert is so gutwrenching that there should have been protests at his funeral, not veneration. Unfortunately Hollywood has gone global and every American could cease watching movies and we wouldnt make a dent in the bottom line of the studios perpetuating the degeneracy of the Hollywood crowd and its evil influence on our citizenry, especially young people.

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He was a wild guy. Could believe he was mixed up in this shit. He treated his own son like garbage

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Hunter S Thompson was a creep.

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