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I could have lived without seeing that. Worse than I expected.

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Imagine what goes on behind closed doors, inside the sound proof rooms. As sick as it is, someone's got to watch it. Can't be ignored. The children are enduring much worse. Don't look away. When I think about what the children could be going through and the people that have to watch this as evidence, I can understand the burning desire not to sleep until these fuckers are exposed and taken down.

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Truthfully, we have probably only seen 1/10th of how bad the pedo problem is. And we have seen 100X more than the general public.

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Word up.

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Excellent comment.

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After watching neon demon, they pretty much are out in the open, they dont deny it, they make movies about it.

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Me too. When I think of all the filthy dirt and sick pictures I have seen in the last 1 1/2 yrs. I don't know how I and all the others get through it. Yes, I am sure, just like I, wish that you could unsee it. Vile and Evil.

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@matt_helm - mark NSFW

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Yea common man, this is pretty graphic. Below your post you will see the text "toggle nsfw." Go ahead and click on that @matt_helm

@Vindicator @think-

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I did the toggle nsfw not sure if it appears on the main page of posts please add NSFW @vindicator @think

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I did now NSFW

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I did thanks now NSFW

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Bucks County, PA.

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Home of the furry parties.

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Please elaborate. I grew up in Bucks County. Father of 3 , grandfather of 2 .

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Elaborate please, how can we link steve-o or jackass to bucks county?

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"During this time, Bam Margera released a movie titled Landspeed:CKY, consisting of himself and his friends, which he dubbed the "CKY Crew", in West Chester, Pennsylvania, performing various skits and stunts. The Crew included the colorful cast of Ryan Dunn, Brandon Dicamillo, and Raab Himself, as well as Margera's family April, Phil, Don Vito, and Jess Margera."

Phil, April, etc. all live there. Dunn died in a Paul Walker-like accident. The list goes on. Steve-O's behavior is suicidal recklessness, often seen in victims of child abuse. Self-destructive. Like most of them.

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https://archive.fo/0LZND :

Soteria on Twitter: "This is what @steveo permanently inked on his body. A man raping an infant. Yes, he eventually covered it with bestiallity. Ah yes, that makes it all better! Mkay. Please, share tag and go forth. #SayBraveThings… t.co/GeGoGv5kHZ"

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Is it possible to refresh your library a bit? There's a lot of really great art of Tay, Vivian, other anthropomorphised things like PS2's, iPods, PC's .ect. A lot of the gamer gate stuff, while still relevant to the fight, is old. Gawker was like 4-5 years ago.

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I'm planning on updating the image list soon, I lost about 20 images in the list when kek.gg went down.


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This video predates the above tats but worth the 2-min watch. Explains a lot, no just about Steve-O, but the self-abuse cycle: https://youtu.be/L1FeJDLVBVc

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That boy ain't right.

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wtf I bet he's a jew and his daddy used to molest him like that. I wish I hadn't even seen it because it makes want to bash his fucking head in.

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He likely wouldn't even notice. It is never an excuse but is there anything about Steve-O that doesn't scream abused as a kid and fucked beyond belief?

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Disgusting Piece of Bleeping Perverted Garbage. How many of these sickos are we going to have to witness. I never thought they would hav the stupidity to put this out there on their Twitter. Really Stupid. I wish I could unsee that. Animals do not make up for it, that is rape too. Nothing does.

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