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The tweets aren't definitive proof Gunn is a pedophile HOWEVER there is one point that these people just don't seem to get or nobody seems to have addressed.

Pretty much every workplace nowadays has a social media policy. Pretty much every policy will dictate that you, as their employee, do not post on social media or say on a public platform anything that could harm the companies reputation.

This is the main reason Disney have fired Gunn. Reputation and his breach of this policy.

Disney may well know more and Gunn may well be guilty of more however these social justice warriors are so blinded by their own virtue signalling they completely overlook a very simple fact of his dismissal.

And at the same time make themselves look like pedo sympathisers. Idiots.


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I think Disney knew about Gunn before he was hired. "Working alongside his mentor Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma, Gunn learned how to write screenplays, produce films, scout locations, direct actors, distribute films, and create his own poster art."

It's him dressed as a tran:

He seems to be a trans fan. Here's an interview with him about his "TromaDance" film festival:

..."you don't need to pay money to submit your film to the festival...there's no VIP policy... although if you're an attractive young transvestite and if [ZigZag] wants you to get into the TromaDance Film Festival and HorrorTalk is a part of it, then we let them in. We give them precedence."