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The latest video from Jamie Dlux shows that Gunn received CP from convicted paedophile Huston Huddleston (convicted of possession of CP) entitled '100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves'.


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Disney had another of their child porn rings busted about a month ago. I imagine they didn't want another scandal involving yet another of their vermin.

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Thanks, @Factfinder2,

Huston Huddleston is the other guy.

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It is odd how unusually quiet Gunn is. If he felt he could defend himself he would be, based on past issues and his Twitter account.

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He's very passive when working with anyone but infants.

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Agree. He issued a very contrite apology, then shut up. Probably on a lawyer's advice.

With the investigations that were only recently closed, he is probably walking on a knife's edge where he could get sucked back into the legal system if he doesn't shut up and ride this out.

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I am unavailable to do justice to this, but here is the link. There is plenty that this site found. Child slavery child killing and more.


In what must be the best acted scene in Volume 2, between a blue painted man and a CGI raccoon, we learn that as children Rocket and Yondu were both taken by people and forced into a painful reality. Yondu was sold into slavery by his own parents while Rocket was illegally experimented on by uncaring scientists. In fact, Rocket has been so abused as a child that he can’t even be touched without reacting violently and the best joke he can think of is stealing the body parts of handicapped people and laughing at them.

Violence, and in turn abuse, is not inherent, it is taught. If all we learn as a child is violence, like Rocket and Yondu, then that’s all we know to give back. It’s how they can kill an entire ship full of people, bodies pouring down around them, and laugh while doing it.

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When they tweet "jokes" about being pedos they are NOT joking they are sending coded messages to their pedo friends. When they get caught that's when they claim "oh we were just making stupid jokes nothing serious we're just edgy and dumb"

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Let's start posting pedo tweets with NAMES to a DEFUNDME page.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a fucking coming out party as far as I'm concerned...

And remember Sylvester Stallone is a "good guy" and never got his career started in NYC gay porn or Woody Allen flicks...

p.s. Lloyd Kaufman had a small role in "Rocky"....

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