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Unbelievable! Norwegians need to stand up and fight with everything they've got.

And those kids need to be taken away from their pervert "father" ASAP.

As the second article points out, even though a publicly appointed psychological "expert" concluded that the father is "trustworthy and not likely to be any danger to them," the children will shortly be of an age which has been the preferred age group for their father's porn searches.

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a publicly appointed psychological "expert" concluded that the father is "trustworthy and not likely to be any danger to them

One 'publicly appointed psychological 'expert' is judging another one. What do we expect? Maybe he's also a pedo.

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Clearly compromised in some fashion, pedo or otherwise.

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It's well known that pedophiles will spend years working toward the goal of obtaining legitimate access to children via doctors, social workers, CPS workers,priests,etc.It isn't a coincidence that there's a lot of gays in CPS backed up by gay therapists who sanction child placement with same sex couples. They have even managed to alter the psych DSM which defines mental abnormalities Using political correctness that the public can't discriminate against homosexuals, these gays with a pedophile agenda have infiltrated many areas where children are vulnerable.

In America now if you are a leatherman (sadomasochist) and you parade around with your "pup slave" on a leash, indulge in humiliation and recreational mummification, no court using the current DSM can rule you unfit to care for your children .

http://perfectboundpress.com/AskTheMan/Master%20Jeff%20and%20sparky.pdf https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/01/bdsm-versus-the-dsm/384138/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/international-mr-leather-2017-the-naked-interview_us_59f701b3e4b06ae9067aba00

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The Norwegian police were notified of Brøyn’s possession of this material as far back as 2014, from the Swiss police. However, Brøyn was not stopped from continuing as an expert and child psychiatrist in the CPS system for several years thereafter.

Their CPS seems to be as fucked up as the US CPS. smh

However, the County Board (an administrative committee which functions as the first instance decision-maker in care proceedings), decided that they should be returned to Brøyn, so they have been back with him since the summer of 2017. Again, the liberal attitude of a section of the authorities, here regarding a confessed pedophile father living alone with his children, is somewhat unusual. In open court Brøyn stated that he has pedophile leanings, being stimulated by sexual pictures and films of boys.

Obviously, he was able to convince the court that he is a 'non-offending' pedophile. This is what pedo-apologist are promoting currently, in this case successfully.

It's likely that the judges might be into this shit as well.

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I tried to find out whether his bought and paid for playthings, errr, I mean his children are boys or girls. Couldn't find anything. Wouldn't be surprised if they are both boys. Those poor kids.

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I hope there will a an outcry in the Norwegian public.


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For the authorities to have known officially about Broyn for 3 years before taking action, cries out that there was complicity among the CPS board or their overseers. According to the article, when children are removed from their parents in Norway they are not placed with kin except in this case. Exceptions to the rule all around. CPS services have to my way of thinking been invaded by "professionals" with an agenda of removing children for their own purposes. Norway needs to look into past placements of children to see if any of the foster homes were gay or linked to gays.

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It's a little OT, but: This "non-offending" pedo-shit is very disturbing at the moment. There is a popular german documentation on YT (called Rabiat - Unter Pädophilen) about pedophiles and it's only about their "suffering". EVERYONE of them did consume or is still consuming CP but nobody seemed to care, because they're not hurting anyone and are just looking for love (no shit). That was the consent of the commenters on there. Everyone said, as in the documentary, it's the same like heterosexuality and homosexuality. This is so crazy! Imagine someone tried this 30 years ago.. Non-native speaker, sorry

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OP in this post:


...is freaking out over this guy already in 2009, and gets immediately shut down and the topic is changed. On a “Save our kids” type forum. Just infuriating.

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Translate anybody? 2009 was before Broyn got his two kids from India. The adoption board in Norway is corrupt.

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pg. 1 - https://archive.fo/sWoq7

pg. 2 - https://archive.fo/Q35uH

These archives should have translate icon in top right corner, it is the closest I could get in a short amount of time. If it doesn't work and nobody from Norge steps up and translates let me know.

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He was evidently very useful to the Pedo Politicals and LE. We are used to seeing this unfortunately. They do not arrest these people until there is enough outcry and then they are sometimes given probation or a slap on the wrist sentence. He says it himself "He does so to children. This is an alarming statement, but it means nothing to those that are pedo protectors, for whatever reason. They are putting pedos before children.

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Remember in some old Transylvania movie about Dracula the townspeople infuriated over the theft of their young children came after Dracula with pitchforks? It's going to take some street justice before anything changes because the pedos either have money backing them to buy off politicians or they are the politicians,judges,etc.

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Oh yes! We have seen that movie! Pitchforks Yes! Where do we get them? I am setting out to buy one. What a great idea. I'm all for Street Justice.

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Does anyone remember the 'Norwegian child porn bust' 1,5 years ago? Two Norwegian politicians were said to be involved, and there was a US connection. The NYT scrubbed the articles about the case from their archives, and there has be no further reporting in the international press. Absolutely nothing. Although there must have been trials in the meantime.

Is anyone here from Norway, and has some more info?

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This is a great topic for a followup article. I seem to recall the Tampa or Miami newspapers did a bunch of stories and then their stuff got taken down as well.

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2003 And it is through here, say Kirkenes police, that Norwegian paedophiles issue visa invitations to Russian families, headed by women they have formed online or letter friendships with, to come and live with them so that they can abuse the children. Police have secured only one solid conviction, which took five years to secure and was upheld on appeal only last June. Russians need a Norwegian citizen to stand financial guarantee to get a visa to Norway,' said Haukaas. 'If they have lived here for three years, they have the right to stay. Norwegian paedophiles have issued invitations to Russian women, and some human rights groups say that these women even tolerate the abuse of their children [to get the visa].' Jan Ole Nilsen's more sinister motives became apparent. A routine medical check revealed that his stepdaughter had been repeatedly sexually abused. But Nilsen wasn't arrested until 1998, as part of an international operation that exposed him as the largest producer of child porn that Norway had ever known. It was this investigation that disclosed the first concrete case of the far more disturbing phenomenon Norwegian police fear has gone undetected for years. his relationship with a Russian woman who worked at an orphanage in Murmansk granting him easy access to children. The Russian woman, who has never been named because of Norway's privacy laws, introduced Nilsen to girls aged eight and nine. In Norway, he filmed the girls in indecent poses. But police investigations unearthed abuse incidents in five other towns across northern Norway and Russia. Police believe that Nilsen is part of a paedophile network that has gone undetected.

He only got 30 months.


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This smells of the blue blood elites. The direct path to their social circle is to become a physician. This pervert knows a lot more. The same people who moved in foreign perverts threw him under the bus telling us they are shocked by this moral deprivation. A sentence less than death should require full disclosure.

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Move in foreign perverts who take all the publicity away from homegrown pedo rings in Norway.

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