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[–] cantfindmenow 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago 

This post is totally homophobic and wrong in the sense that it attributes blame to the LGBT community for the MAPs acronym.

Therapists and psychologists are pushing the narrative that there are 'victim' types of pedophiles who should be referred to by differing names.

Whether you agree that a pedophile can also be a victim depends on your levels of empathy and understanding of the human psyche and soul.

Some creeps are trying to merge a P onto LGBT but that's not the fault of that community.

This article from last year gives a bit of insight to people calling themselves MAPs -

We shouldn't validate their urges they need life long help to never act on them. I don't think they deserve their own special name... any day they can go from a MAP to an abusive pedophile so forming labels for pre abuse and post abuse is ridiculous. And many may already have abused but pretend they haven't.


[–] i_scream_trucks 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago  (edited ago)

So now its OPs fault youre a genetic dead end and a result of some really funky shit going on.

I for one, didnt give a shit for a long time about gay people. Up until the point it became ok for gay males to harass the shit out of straight males and have them booted out of jobs for having to threaten to beat the shit out of them because theyve repeatedly not taken no for an answer.

I remember the whole 'slippery slope' debate. I was told its not true. Well guess fucking what? Gays now have now bullied at least 3 entire nations into granting them full access to abuse children, and pedophiles are using the exact same justifications for their shit that faggots used 30 years ago. There is a goddamn reason Doctors left the Australian Medical Association in droves when their media people came out with support for the move, as it legitimised what is nothing but a political stance (against the moral and social obligations of the association) and completely ignores their own fucking research into elevated levels of child abuse among same sex families, and research showing that kids in same sex families absolutely are worse off psychologically.

Motherfucker ive got a mother and two sisters who work in kindergartens. Ive seen this fucking shit start already. Ive seen with my own eyes kids be told by degenerate parents what they can and cant play with because its not gender neutral (for the record, telling a boy, he has to play with dolls, is not fucking neutrality you utter cunts doing anything but letting that child make their own choice as to who they are and what they want is indoctrination)

We cant stop dumb straight people fucking. Cos its natural for them. We can stop gays having access to children. Which we absolutely should. If youre too good for the opposite sex, youre too good for what comes with it. But either way, you shouldnt have em.

I tolerated you all for a very long time.

You can all fuck right off now.

I aint having kids but ill be fucked if i let you stand by and corrupt my nieces and nephews....


[–] dbvapor 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

I used to be “tolerant” of homos but now I’m convinced the only reason their numbers are growing is thru molesting little kids. Why else would we see their numbers grow when they can’t reproduce? As far as I’m concerned I’m no longer defending fags of any sort.


[–] carmencita 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Not all gays are pedos. The reason this is increasing is that the pedos have created other pedos by deep rape. This is how they become pedos. There are pedos of all stripes. The LGBTQ community is mostly clean of this, except for some. They don't speak out for the same reason they kept quiet about AIDS. They are afraid of being Tagged as one of Them. We MUST convince them to speak out and out these perverts. They are quiet because they are scared to death.


[–] carmencita 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

NO it's not the community's fault that kids are being raped by pedo members, but it is their fault that they have not Outed these fakers and Spoken Out about it. They need to SPEAK UP. They have been pretty quiet, although I understand why, but every day that goes by without Their Voices, there will be kids raped and the Normalization Campaign gets stronger. That's all I am saying, They Need To SPEAK OUT NOW. For that, they are to blame.


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I know what I would be doing if Pedos tried to jump on the "straight pride" train