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If anyone on here knows any gay people, relatives, friends, close co workers, Demand they spread the word. They Must Speak Up and Out. Keeping Quiet is not the answer. Their own people have to attack these fakers. It's just like the stupids leaving religions. Instead of outing the fakers they just keep quiet. There must be a push to push the gays to Speak Out about the infiltrated fakes at the top of LGBTQ.

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Most of the lesbians I've known have been put off by even the inclusion of trans. They're having this shoved down their throats like they are like pedos and trannies. Every group is under attack.

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I know progressives that think there is a small group of people that are really in need of the operations, but most are mentally sick. They are mixed up and need serious help. And the sicko normalizers are making hay while the sun shines. They are pushing this big time. Here is the thing, if anyone knows someone that is male or female that is gay, Please Ask Them To Speak Out and to Speak To Their Group. This must be spread all over before these poor people that are so sick get operations that they can not turn around. The thing that those wannabe trannys don't understand is that they will never be a male or female, they will always be what they were born. In order to attain that New Sex, they take meds for the rest of their life. They are still what they were born. They are being Bamboozled and that is Really Criminally Sick.

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Faggots reproduce through molestation.

This is the future they chose.

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I think we need to be clear that what consenting adults do in private is their business. But what is done to kids is the business of society. They are vulnerable and need protection. They are not capable of consent, and even teens are not mature enough for true consent. I am less concerned about bestiality than pedophilia. How many sheep kill themselves over being raped? The damage to the psyche of kids who are abused is hard to even imagine. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/becoming-adult/201101/suicide-age-27-death-due-child-abuse. It is the damage that the abuse causes that is the most important thing to focus on IMO

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I was arguing recently that using their terminoly is wrong headed and that is a main component of these people...watering down/changing language. I can't remember where we settled but I think "wannabe kid fuckkers" was in the top 3