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I would say that female teacher with male student relationships have already been normalised by the MSM.

Whether or not anon is legit ex antifa, the sceneria laid out is plausible.

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Hence why I have a long rope, Gasoline, And Matches.

Tie em up, Douse them in gasoline, and light them on fire.

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Hey why waste the money on gas and not use a knife, some vinegar and a teensy bit of salt?

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Why don't anyone interview people who've been sexually molested as a child. I'm one. I can tell you differently this shit is only okay for people with more than a few screws loose in their brains.

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I'm heading to the gun store wish me luck.

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Luck? For what? Passing the background check?

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The kids will be pushing this and not the adults.

Chicago could be ground zero for this push. The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) is already organizing and training kids to avocate for a transformation in the public consciousness of the sexual rights of kids, and they're training "adult accomplices."

Youth training: https://www.icah.org/youth-education#youth-programs

Adult accomplice training: https://icah.nationbuilder.com/adultaccompliceschedule

Do they know the meaning of the word "accomplice"? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/accomplice

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i think they know exactly what theyre saying, and i think theyre doing it openly exactly as it is defined, and they are doing it because they have supreme confidence in the whole 'x-ism' camouflage and being able to get away with a low energy 'it means something different you toxic white male ephebophobic monster.'

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It's the same camouflage that some "artists" use to parade their inner rot.

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Yeah, they probably meant to use more weaselly words like "Ally" or "Advocate", but maybe some other pedo group had already nabbed those labels and they wanted to avoid search engines taking people to full blown unsantitized-for-normies pedoshit websites.

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Probably most of the articles leaning to pro pedophilia written by jews to any tv shows that leads to it conceived by jewish producers. So far all of the prominent sexual harassers that have been caught recently were jews.

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It's the talmudic way.

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So you are saying that anti-semitism is the cause. go on...

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No, Talmudic Rabbinic Pharisaism is the cause. These people dominate our societies and guess what, their "holy book", the Talmud, fully endorses child rape. They are just doing what their self-created religion permits.

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Define teenager? Age of consent is 16 in Canada which I think is correct. We raised it from 14 which was a good thin to do and have a two year leeway which is eeehhh a little questionable given older boys can pressure girls but better than a blanket no.

If they try to make it 16 no one will care but any younger and the real men and women will finally reject this lgbtbbqp degeneracy peddled by those with no kids seeking to victimize kids.

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It SHOULD be 18.

One isn't a full fledged adult (biologically) until the final system maturation happens (its the nervous system). This happens around 18.

That's right, California's age of consent is scientifically accurate. Though I am more willing to forgive those who place it at 16-17 because they're probably ignorant of this fact rather than ill intentioned.

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Wrong the brain does not mature until age 25 in some people it's 30 the problem is kids are being arrested and charged with sending child porn when they are just sexting nude pics to each other these are kids under age 16 some as young as 12 but that is what they do nowadays. Age of Consent varies from state to state and from country to country. 16 makes sense and many kids are sexually active at 13 or 14 or 15 but what the Left wants to do is make it a law that young kids can declare themselves sexually liberated at a very young age it's a planned propaganda strategy they are slowly rolling it out on leftwing websites see the jpg above all those articles.

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Given how college students have been acting lately, I am starting to doubt the 18 years of neurological development bit. unless that developmental stage was compromised, no harm would exist under ideal circumstances. Please turn to chapter6 to read about dealing with Jews, or continue reading through chapter 10.

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Biologically men can in some cases keep growing up to their late 20's. Men are not emotionally mature until their early 20's.

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