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Mods this needs to be stickied right away to prevent it from sliding read these tweets this obnoxious asshole posted he is truly disgusting he is an evil bastard he should be arrested and prosecuted I know he is a dirty pedophile from his tweets:


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What in the fuck? He has absolutely no shame about it.

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Michael Ian Black has children's book called "Chicken Cheeks" and "Naked"

For reference, "Chicken Lover"

EDIT: UK Version of "Naked" book called "Who Needs Pants?"

This guy is definitely a Paedophile.

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Yeah its almost like he is just doing his job (telling jokes)

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9/10/2015 "...tinder for pizza" - there is an instance of pizza used well before pizzagate

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Mods this needs to be stickied right away to prevent it from sliding

Great idea, Matt. Will give your post the 'Share' flair, and sticky it for a while, so that it will get some more views, @FlashVirus.

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Fucking finally. Let them get fucked in a culture they promoted.

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Black's real last name:

((( Schwartz )))

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Mother fuckers. Fuck Hollywood.

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patton oswalt just declared himself a proud pedophile on twitter

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These things seemed to be at a fever pitch around 2012. Guess that second Obama term really had them riding high in the saddle, with the strong chance of Hillary continuing the program.

Just 2 years later the narrative cracked with Gamer Gate. JFC, this fucking shit was too close...
It's good to get a refresher on just how bad it was getting even in the public sphere.

Even if he was just throwing in some kind of weird "moral support" to signal his virtuous tolerance, it's still a good illustration of how demented even garden variety liberal celebrities were at the height of Obama's reign. And yet still even now hold themselves up as moral paragons in all this, looking at his newest tweet going after Cernovich. "But he said mean things about Roasties/Trannies!"

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i just went down that liberal rabbit hole ..... i need time to process

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He aint the only open pedo. New target in image.

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Consider doing a post about that tweet and Oswalt? That would be terrific!

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'Pedo-phobe' shaming hurts us all. I am PROUD pedophile!

Hurts whom exactly besides the pedos? The children who are not getting raped anymore when pedos are being exposed?

Nice try, Mr. Oswalt. Of coures, he plays the victim card. Disgusting.

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Many suspect that he had a hand in his ex-wife's death as well.

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Also a big time shit lib. Always seems the shit libs are pedos or into sick shit.

https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/41155 Found a hit for him in wikileaks.

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LOL. This guy.

Was surprised when I found out he was married and supposedly straight, because he literally just plays gay guys on TV and generally comes off as gay af in an era where being gay wouldn't impact anybody's career at his level.

Makes much more sense if he's a pedo. That shit still needs the old beard marriage.

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Disgusting people, this is the kind of "culture" they want to force the world to accept.

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