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Farrrrkkkk that white rabbit shit is CREEPY AS FUCK... These people are beyond evil... That little boy is scared for his life, that is messed up.


@dtneslo there is also a band that is linked through Lloyd Kaufman's IG called "Radioactive Chicken heads" that is almost akin to Majestic Ape. Similar creepy as Fuck costumes and play in shithole places. Looking at their YouTube they have hardly any songs, but claim to be a band. Their YouTube has some strange as Fuck videos. Why would someone who hangs with "elitists" TP and JG be with weirdos like this?? This feels like another Comet Ping Pong with James Gunn starring as alefantis!!


[–] 13341521? 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Kinda gives the whole Easter thing a new meaning huh? This is why I don’t celebrate it myself , it’s rooted in evil and Jesus has nothing to do with a rabbit .


[–] mrohm 3 points 5 points (+8|-3) ago 

Eh, rabbits are just a symbol of spring. I refuse to let these fucks ruin things for me. I still buy pizza, for example - by which I mean bread, tomato sauce, and cheese, not Skippy shit.


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I didn't want to look, but just did. That's really really fucking bad. That poor kid man... :(