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Ok. Is there going to be a I find it a bit suspect that hes starting with labour. Tomorrow the Tories? They're the ones in government. Why create a domain dedicated to just the Labour pedophiles? This is a cross party issue. Just drop the whole lot! Starting with the most relevant ie ones currently in power.

It just opens it up for his twitter to be shut down before further releases can happen. If this happens then we'll know this is purely a political campaign targeting Labour.


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If the OP only had the info on labour then should he not post it as it’s not fair. Or should it be posted as it’s important information?


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Of course he should post it. That wasn't my point and not what I'm saying. But they're a right wing group starting with the left wing opposition party with no clear reason why. If there is exclusive info available on any party they should be dropping it without hesitation. We all know how good UK politicians are at ducking and diving allegations and covering up these things. It just gives them a heads up and more time to prepare the deflection. So far they've posted info thats already publicly available and although I wholeheartedly agree with what they're doing I am suspect as to why they are starting with Labour yet promise exclusive info on sitting MPs and Royals. This is the info I'm interested in and feel it should be revealed now to avoid it being shut down. It seems like they are replicating the Q drops as in..theres more to come..stay tuned.. but a massive drop implicating all, cross party, past and present is what would have most impact. I really hope this doesn't fizzle out or get shut down. I hope they deliver but the order of their delivery at this stage is questionable.