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someone posted about simon cowell too here he is in thailand

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The majority belong to the Labour Party. It's great they have been named and shamed, but where are the others from other political parties? Looks like a one sided campaign.

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Tories are tomorrow, royals the next day and still serving MPs the next.

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they explain one party at a time and those who escaped conviction as well https://twitter.com/TheNYevening/status/1018461763019427840?s=09

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Glorious, had Handel's Messiah & William Tell Overture play in my head as I read.

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This is truly amazing I am sure his twitter will be shut down very soon the Brits hate this kind of exposure.


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Exactly. So why they are choosing to release names party by party day by day is very suspect and risks only labour names being dropped. Political! Drop all names rapid is the only way.

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Here is a site with many of the names the Twitter account British Fight is now releasing>>


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Ok. Is there going to be a Tory25.com? UKip25.com? I find it a bit suspect that hes starting with labour. Tomorrow the Tories? They're the ones in government. Why create a domain dedicated to just the Labour pedophiles? This is a cross party issue. Just drop the whole lot! Starting with the most relevant ie ones currently in power.

It just opens it up for his twitter to be shut down before further releases can happen. If this happens then we'll know this is purely a political campaign targeting Labour.

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If the OP only had the info on labour then should he not post it as it’s not fair. Or should it be posted as it’s important information?

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https://mobile.twitter.com/British_Fight some cases are public but many swept under rug. major naming & shaming. i honestly havent seen anything like this☆ https://imgoat.com/v/124341/p39zmwbmn7a11

oh hell also name those who escaped conviction.name and shame!

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and scott mann resigns this morn due to "not wanting to compromise on brexit." https://www.joe.co.uk/amp/politics/scott-mann-resignation-189997

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they are launching a politcal party

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